Fibaro Drivers that not working Whats happening?

Have had my C7 for 7 weeks now and been waiting for Native Fibaro UBS driver to be fixed since it did not work from day one as it should . Whats happening? @mike.maxwell @bcopeland

Also Dimmer 2 dont work as it should. (not possible to change parameters in device and not showing correct status some times)

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Sadly a chicken and egg situation where Fibaro is big in EU but apparently not in the US. As HE have a low user base here compared to US they won’t allocate the resources to fix it when there are more pressing needs for US users.

I used to have Fibaro all over the house but since all drivers broke in some way back in 2.1.x I sold them and went with Shelly and couldn’t be happier. If I remember correctly it was a change with Z-wave going to v4.

Yea I buy that but if you have it on a compatibility list it should work otherwise I want my money back from Hubitat .

Vera/Ezlo is US and have all fibaro and qubinos and make no difference on us/europe customers, all customers are worth every penny. The only difference between the company's is that Vera Ezlo also have R&D in Ukraine .

I'll be looking into the UBS issue shortly, any fixes for this will be in platform 2.2.4


Speak of the devil....a new Fibaro UBS killer Shelly Uni | Shelly Shop Europe

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ok, thanx for the answer!

maybe, but remember many wifi devices require polling to fetch current values, this isn't ideal from an automation standpoint...

I would say that most WiFi devices have ways to report current values on change it’s just that we don’t have any way to catch those in HE at the moment (ie udp, multicast, etc).

Most but not all states in Shelly we are able to send as http get on a custom url but would of course love to implement their coap instead.

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Any ETA of 224 ?
Dont forget the Fibaro Dimmer 2 that dont work as i should (often shows wrong state )

That was fixed by altering the driver.
It is documented in other threads.
Since 2.2.3 and z-wave updates, I agree Fibaro devices are a nightmare.
I've raised it but I'm afraid the silence is deafening.

If you choose community drivers things could stop working which is understandable but built-in drivers should always work or be fixed if a bug is introduced.

I got rid of all Z-wave devices and all Zigbee switches and dimmer and went with Shelly, never have things worked so good even compared to when I was running Home Assistant with Z-Stick and Conbee. Both response and feedback are instant, no more delays, no more crashed Z-Wave or Zigbee network, no more hub slowdowns and I'm still on 2.2.2!

Looks like the Shelly devices are a reasonable price too.
Never looked at these before.
I've started to go down the Qubino route.
These work well too.

There's not much point in us yammering on for the sake of yammering..., anyway.
The issue in part with some (if not all) of the fibaro drivers has to do with a change from silicon labs in how they deal with multi channel frames, prior to the zwave firmware update on the c7, they were passing these through for processing, now they are not.
They are stating this change was by design and have transfered the issue to the specifications team to explain...
Unfortunatly I could give a crap about why spec changed this, all I care about is how to fix it...

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What problems are you having with the Dimmer 2s? I have many of these installed, and I don't seem to have any problems. Are your issues known to be specific to the C-7 hub? I have one of the earlier hubs.

One tip about the parameters: Are you aware that you can set any parameters you want using the "Basic Z-Wave Tool" custom driver? (Switch over to that driver temporarily to check/set your parameters, then switch back to the actual driver)

Yes is only a problem on C-7 hubs they work fine on the rest.

Dang not great news. I think its time for me to drop zwave. It has been nothing but challenges for me on hubitat. Who knows how long getting all these bugs sorted out will take. I know its a new chipset but it does not seem it was tested very well before selling to hubitat for a consumer product.

As @mike.maxwell mentioned this is not a hubitat issue so not much they can do about, just hope that they can work out a solution. The C-7 is also the 1st 700 series hubs, so things like this are likely to be found. It doesn't make it any less frustrating, it just goes some way to explain the situation they/ we are in.

I did not onock hubitat at all (why does everyone assume that?) The issue is clearly on silicon labs. Seems strange they tout 100% compatibility with old devices/version. But seems its really not the case if they are making changes that break things.

Like I said my personal zwave experience has been bad and am considering dropping it all together.

A bunch of folks sitting in a building writing out specification documents littered with must, shall and should, is very different than implementing must, shall and should then running this a production environment with hundreds if not thousands of different devices...

As we've seen certification of anything doesn't guarantee, well, anything...

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Lol this is why I save lives for a living. At least we know enough to call it practicing...