Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2

Hi all,

I have two Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 which I successfully included (after having excluded from another Z-Wave controller); the problem is that I do not see any status reported. Under devices/current states is empty, no states basically.

Any hint/idea?


So now only Battery level is being reported, but not the open/close status

Any hints?

Which device driver did it pick? It looks like there is a driver specific to that device rather than the generic ZWave motion sensor driver. If it happened to pick a different driver you might try changing it. If the driver is OK I solved similar issues with other sensors by excluding and re-including the device.

Sorry, my fault: it is a Door/Window Sensor 1, not 2.
But here: Fibaro FGK-10x Door/Window sensor question
it seems that should work

How do I see which driver was picked?

It should be listed on the device page

It picked the FIbaro Door/Window Sensor 2, but I noticed just know that I have v1.
Z-Wave Radio Off/On did not help

How about the generic zwave contact sensor driver? Or an exclude/include? I usually click "configure" after changing drivers.

I have 5 v1's using the Fibaro Doow/Window Sensor 2 driver, it works fine for the v1's.

This is correct, you must click configure after changing drivers.

You might try this, you might also trying to include (3 clicks of the tamper button) while holding down the little black button above the battery.

On a side note you need to have the logs page open in a separate window when including, the logs will usually tell you that there are "pending changes" that will occur when the device wakes up. You need to force the device to wake up to get those changes by clicking the tamper button once. Repeat this process until it says only "1" change to happen when the device wakes up, then everything should work fine.

If I were to guess the issue you're having is those pending changes haven't updated and must be updated before the attributes will be displayed in the device page.

@marcogt in that case unlikely to be the driver :slight_smile:

Is it possible these sensors don't have the best connection to your zwave mesh? If you're at the edge of the network maybe the connection isn't stable enough and some messages are getting dropped? I don't know enough about zwave devices to know if that's even possible but I'm thinking maybe some packets are getting lost.

Unfortunately at the moment I do not have physical access to the sensor; only tomorrow.
I tried to change to generic z-wave contact sensor, clicked on configure but no changes, but I assume that the changes are only queued till next wake-up (around 4AM CET); and in fact I see the queue in the logs; I reverted back to Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 and let's see.