Fibaro 6 button keyfob

Each button press responds to an option of 1, 2 or 3 clicks and holding a button down. That’s a total of up to 24 possibilities

I also believe you can map an additional 6 sequence nces of buttons to commands.

Also ability to enter a security pin to avoid unwanted use.

Has anyone tried this user code lately? It used to work well. I may attempt to get it working again if @bcopeland does not decide its worth a rewrite.

I have it in hand.. I’ll see what I can do.. I must warn though that I believe in strict adherence to documented capabilities.. So I may only be able to add double tap and possibly lock code features that were mentioned..

Hey what more can you hope for. The driver in the original post did something out of norm. Mapped the triple taps to just be another button number.

I look forward to what you come up with.

Is there any update on this. I currently have the keyfob working using the inbuilt Generic Z-Wave Button Controller which is fine for my purpose except I really would like the lock feature.
Many thanks in advance

Any updates when the lock feature might be available?

Is this driver still being worked for additional features or is it now as mature as it's going to get?

Is there any zwave guru around that is willing to help getting this driver updated?

@bcopeland seems very busy so I will be taking a crack at it over the next few days. I however know nothing about zwave. Could be quite the learning experience.

Excellent, any update would be most welcome.
Only additional thing I'd really like is the ability to lock the remote.
Please let me know if I can help with any testing.
Many Thanks

Fair warning. There is no guarantee of success. Without any guidance i may not be able to make anything work. Wont know until I am able to play..

Did you have any success with this?

Sorry no - Ive sat down and had a go 3 times now. While i think i am understanding some of the zwave stuff finally, this device is too complicated for my meager knowledge.

This is the only device I own that I am missing functionality. If it could just have the lock code implemented I'd be completely sorted.
Anyone fancy having a go at getting the driver updated?

Is there any actual driver for this on

I don't see it (although it appears there was one long ago)


There should be a built in driver first this...


Just checked mine. It's using the generic zwave button controller.

The driver being discussed in this thread was a port that utilized all the features of this nifty device. Not sure it'd still work with all the changes to zwave that have been made.

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How's yours do with batteries? Just got mine today.

The one included is at 22%. !!!

Well mine pretty much sits there these days. Picked it up after a good long while, RM reacted to it first try. My logs say it was 100% in September. Current reading is 32%

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Is there a way to get the "doubleTap" to work with the Fibaro fob?