[FEEDBACK] A few questions

New app is better but here's a couple issues:

  1. Why a separate app instead of an update? I didn't know this existed.

  2. Like ability to view selected fields on device list, but why isn't TYPE column able to hide?

  3. Device tiles for pool heater, spa heater and Dyson fan indicate ON, but they're not. Also can't do anything on the screen when I select them (see image).

  4. How to change column width on device list?

  5. How to create more dashboards? I don't see any "New Dashboard" item.

Honestly, I expect better:

a) Why a new app instead of updating the old?
b) The entire app looks like HTML web pages stuck into a phone. It's 2024, no-one does that anymore.
c) Why using low resolution icons (including the social networks) under "more"? Looks cheaply made, un professional.
d) Why not using the paradigms of the host OS (iOS in my case) for the UI? It looks alien.

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I don't use the app for geofencing but when i accidentally clicked on geofence and clicked not now all it does is bring the prompt back up. Had to quickly click on cancel to get out of the loop. If any more info is needed on this bug feel free to contact me.

Edit: Android Version


I had the same experience until I just rebooted my phone.

May be something to look into.

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My guess on this one

is this:

If they just replaced the old app, any showstopper bugs would not allow anyone to keep using the old app. While they DO have beta testing, beta tests NEVER find all the bugs. This is a much safer way to allow users to use the old while they find bugs that were not found during the official beta. With something as integral as the app itself is, I personally like and appreciate the approach.

However, I was unaware of the new app at all until I casually logged in to the forum and saw posts about it. Not seeing any notices in SPAM in my e-mail. Assuming I missed the mail notice, or saw it and it did not register what it was.

This might be time for a good feedback suggestion to have an additional "admin" notification within the app itself and web interface (similar to when updates are available)


The new app was built from the ground up and merging the code into the old app was just not feasible.


I have always wished we could choose what page the app opens into. When I open the Hubitat app, the first page I want to see is my Dashboard. The original app would open the main Dashboards page, and I would then have to click the link to my actual Dashboard. Now I open to the welcome screen, click the Dashboard icon at the bottom to go to the main Dashboards screen, then click on my Dashboard.
Is there some reason I can't choose to open the app right into my Dashboard?

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The mobile apps open the home page. The old app's home page was the dashboard; the new app has a proper home page. If all you need is to access the dasboards, you could probably save a browser shortcut to the dashboard to access it directly, instead of loading the mobile app.

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Yeah, I do us a workaround. I just always prefer when an app's native behavior is customizable.

It is not common practice to be able to select the home page, but is an interesting idea. Thanks for your feedback.

Right now, I find the new app to be excessively annoying. Instead of bringing me to my dashboard, it opens to the home page which then requires multiple taps and login to get to my dashboard.

Second, the geofence function which I don't use. I use Iris V2 Smart Fobs. I don't need the Geofence function which I never found in the previous app to be all that useful. Now, if I clock on it, it wants the background location permission and it won't let me get out of the NOT NOW/OK screen as it just returns there. To get out of it, I have to go into the app manager and kill the app.

Connect to hub takes me to the Remote Admin sign-up page. I'm home so I don't need remote admin. If I want to do changes, I will do so locally, not remote. Just take me to my hub so I can get to the dashboard please!

If I select the hub just below the "Connect to Hub button, I go to yet another screen. Stats are nice, but now I still need to click another "Connect to Hub" to get to the "Welcome to your Elevated Home.

Now when I do that, I get to a Dashboards screen which gives me my three dashboards. I can select the one I want and finally, I am at the dashboard.

On the old app, I selected the icon and am at the dashboard immediately in most cases or sometimes at a screen to select the dashboard. It has just worked, whether local or remote.

Please DON'T remove the old version before these issues with the new version are resolved.

The persistent login has been fixed in the next update, so "multiple taps" should be 1 in the future. Open the app and press Dashboard

Easy way to make it go away if you don't use the geofence. On the home page click the gear icon in the upper right, then toggle the Geofence status off, to remove it from the home page.

You may be home, but on a different subnet as the hub. If the app suggests you to use the Remote Admin, it means that your mobile device is not on the same network as the hub, therefore the administrative interface is not available.

"You may be home, but on a different subnet as the hub. If the app suggests you to use the Remote Admin, it means that your mobile device is not on the same network as the hub, therefore the administrative interface is not available."

I am on the same subnet as there is only one in my house. If it is connected to my network, it is on the same 192.168.1.x network. If it is using cellular instead of my home network, then that is a problem as I have my phone to use my network so I don't use cellular data when a network is available.

Also, I put my phone in airplane mode and turned the network on. It still took me to the "Remote Admin sign-up page. Hopefully, the update will be out soon and will solve this.

I have only one dashboard. When I click the dashboard link at the bottom of the app it takes me to a page where there is a link to my dashboard, and if I had more of them there would be more links.
Something I would like to see in a future update would be if the user has only one dashboard, that dashboard opens when the link at the bottom of the app is clicked. I know only one extra click isn't that bad, but there is always room for improvement.

This was posted 2 days ago. So, just checking as I had an update when I returned yesterday from a business trip. Is the 2.0.1 (239) version the one that has the fix? If so, I am still having the issue on my tablet.

Fixed in 2.0.2 or newer (not released yet)

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Just making sure I wasn't on the fix release. Travel screws with my sense of time......

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Just had this pop up on my tablet and work phone (both running the new app)

Always suggests remote admin on first try. Close that, tap connect to hub again immediately, and always works on second try.

Using the old app on my main phone without issue.

Wondering if there is a timeout issue of some sort?

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I am unable to replicate this behavior, but I am thinking it could be related to switching between cloud and local network. We will further investigate. Thanks for your feedback.

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The devices in question have not been out of my home network in several days (Since at least Friday). So, they shouldn't be connecting to cloud to begin with. Doesn't mean they have not..... just that they should not have. There have been no issues with WAN or LAN logged on my router regarding connection, speed, latency or packet loss.

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