Fed up with Smartthings

so i may have to move from Smartthings. Having previously used Webcore, has brought me here. i have Rboys apps. will these apps work with Hubitat? i'm thinking it will and it will just be plain copy and paste of code?

what are the best practices for migrating from one hub to hubitat? i am thinking doing a parallel migration? that is, to exclude devices in a webcore routine/rboy app then add to Hubitat hub, then add the pistons/apps/drivers?

OR is there a way to just backup everything from the Smartthings IDE and import/load it to Hubitat?

Hubitat being not in the cloud, would this mean i won't be able to control the HUB when im away from home?

are there any subscription fees with Hubitat that i need to know about? i read a review that says there is a subscription for remote functionality(?)

i have been using Smartthings for quite a bit now and i'm really trying to avoid re-doing this stuff again. thanks in advance.

The license you agreed to when purchasing those apps/drivers prevent you from using them with any platform other than SmartThings.

There is a warranty service called Hub Protect. And there is a Remote Admin subscription. Note that Remote Admin is not needed to control your devices remotely. And Hubitat doesn't stop you from setting up a VPN to get the equivalent of Remote Admin.


Unfortunately his license prevents using it on a different hub. They wouldn’t work without a bunch of edits anyway.


Just to add to @aaiyar 's explanation, Hub Protect is also optional. There are no mandatory subscription fees.


While everything runs locally on Hubitat, Hubitat does connect to the cloud and has a mobile app which allows you to control devices remotely. You can also use Apple Home, Alexa, or Google Home if that’s your preference.

No subscription is necessary. You can subscribe for remote access beyond just controlling devices (if you don’t want to remote into your home network) if you want to be able to edit rules when away from home. There is also a subscription called Hub Protect that keeps a cloud backup of your hubs database and will replace your hub if you have a failure outside the warranty period. Neither of these are needed for full functionality.


You'll need to exclude all of your devices from ST and then pair them with the Hubitat hub. Its a pain, but you'll be so glad once you're over here. It all just works, and the community is strong. There's also a new community app called HubiThings that can link your ST devices to devices on H. It works really well, and there's no discernible lag. I use it for a Meross outdoor plug (no driver) and my August lock (the ST integration works wonderfully on my Samsung phone), but I migrated everything else,

For WenCore pistons, just back them all up and them create new pistons on the WebCore instance using those backups. It worked fairly well for me. Add your devices first, and try to make sure than you name then just like you did on ST. then add WebCore and import your Pistons.

As others have said, you;ll likely need to pay rBoy again, But there's no subscription fees that I;m aware of, other than those optional ones mentioned above.


RBoy would need to reach an agreement with Hubitat Inc. to sell apps/drivers on this platform.

There are other developers who have successfully negotiated this process - for eg. @josh and @yracine66.

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Thank you for your email. We have reached out to Hubitat several times and they aren’t interested in allowing RBOY APPS on their platform. Unfortunately their policy prevents us from selling apps on their platform without an invitation.

You can reach out to their CEO Bruce on the Hubitat community forum and ask him to invite us to join their platform."

Reply from Rboy

FWIW, @RBoy has had an account on the Hubitat community for a long time.


He has been saying the same thing since Feb 2018 as indicated by this thread I started when I moved over to HE almost 5 years ago. Bruce mentions in this thread Rboy has never reached out even though he said he has. Believe this is a lost cause.

His lack of communication with his paying customers in recent months is appalling and left all the AirBNB and VRBO owners that depend on his rental lock app high and dry.


Hubitat has some migration related videos on their YouTube channel.


As others have mentioned, @RBoy has been saying this for a few years, and it simply doesn’t pass the sniff test.

If other developers can reach agreements with Hubitat Inc. to sell apps and drivers on the Hubitat platform, then so can he. If he chooses to.


I was personally unaware of any developers actually charging and not just going with donations.

There are at least three “commercial” developers on Hubitat. All of whom appear to have reached agreements with Hubitat Inc.


@aaiyar mentioned a few above. There aren’t too many, AFAIK. The “developer plus” flair indicates they’re allowed to charge for their code.


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