Feature requests for the next hub

A couple of suggestions for when you plan the next version of the hub,

  1. In built POE
  2. In wall installation

Some examples of in-wall

Access Point In-Wall HD – Ubiquiti Inc.
Like any other switch or outlet, but, a blank face with the logo :slight_smile:

For me it would be:

  • External antenna's
  • Matter support
  • POE support
  • Revamped Interface
  • Mounting holes on the back

Would not mind paying a little extra to have these features present in a next version of the hub.


You can use a POE splitter. They work well.


Out of those I'm thinking the External Antenna is the most interesting. I would also like to see an upgraded Zigbee chip... (802.15.4?) and maybe Z-Wave 800 series..

Of course if wishes were horses....


May not be ideal for low energy radios.


Zigbee Green Power

I would love to have:

  1. a hardware switch for for safe shutdown
  2. maybe a small battery for times when the flimsy power cable gets yanked accidently... The battery may be just enough to allow for safe shutdown

Given any hardware changes at the manufacturing level would likely need re FCC certified, that could get quite expensive. Also there is current supply chain to think of as well. Not to mention the initial engineering cost.


Yep an experience they are well aware of I'm sure.. hopefully the sales etc are good enough to warrant/risk such an upgrade though.

Even if things like Matter/Green Power/etc are not immediately useful building this in now can future proof things enough so you won't have to do it again for a while.

Also you probably want to get ahead of any supply chain issues by getting your orders in well in advance and not wait...

This is pure speculation on my part of course - fun to think about.. Also not expecting a new hub anytime soon anyway.

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Matter isn't even ratified yet...(Though thread is :P) Hard to future proof when everything is up in the air.

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But the hardware capable of supporting it is right? I mean technically newer Zigbee chips? The rest is just software implementation. I am not experienced enough in this to speak intelligently - loudly sure but not intelligently :wink:


Honestly I'm not sure either, but again, if the chip is upgraded then the certifications process has to be done on everything again.

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Zigbee 3.0
More memory (or ideally fix the memory leakage)
Stronger antenna
Ability to run Node Red directly on the hub as the Rule Engine
Furry kittens
End Covid
Love and justice for all


Matter is software. Thread is hardware. Most newer Zigbee chipsets can -in theory- be flashed over to Thread. I believe the C7 has older Zigbee chipsets. Not sure if any chipsets support simultaneous Zigbee and Thread. Thread stuff is already shipping for Apple HomeKit. There were several more products announced at CES.

Zigbee/Thread chipsets seems to be OK for supply. Z-Wave 800 not so much.


You're talking about hardware feature requests, right? Like in this earlier thread of wish-list items for a new version of the hub?

Just in case you wanna contact him

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I know you didn't request this yourself, but in my experience the hub is really fast. Here's an example of one of my automations that uses three hubs on the same gigabit network switch:

  1. C-5 to which a zigbee motion sensor is paired.
  2. C-7 to which the motion sensor is shared via Hub Mesh, and it has a motion rule (created in RM 5.1) to control a Caséta dimmer.
  3. Lutron Caséta Smartbridge Pro to which the C-7 has a telnet connection.

Here's the rule:

Here's how fast the automation runs ...

So despite involving 3 hubs (admittedly on the same switch), it takes just ~150 milliseconds from motion being detected to the light being on.

For me, walking into the room, it just seems instantaneous. How much faster would you want this to be?

Edit: To be clear, that 152 msec also includes the time it takes the Hubitat to register that the light has been turned on by the Caséta bridge after the light has been turned on. So the real time from motion detected to light on is probably closer to 130-140 msec.


Not to feel left out: RTC

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