[Feature Request] Support for Zigbee 3.0 Install Codes

I am reaching out to propose a feature that I believe would enhance the functionality of Hubitat: the support for Zigbee 3.0 Install Codes.

As a developer, I don't need a fancy UI for this. Just a function or some code to add or remove install codes during the pairing of Zigbee 3.0 devices would be great. We, as a community, can whip up a UI for it using custom apps.

Why am I asking? Well, I've got my eye on some cool Zigbee products from Bosch. But here's the catch - they won't pair without an install code. So, I'm kinda stuck. And please, let's not go down the “it's the device's fault for not falling back to the previous Zigbee Pro spec” road. :pray:

Thanks for considering this. You guys rock!


Yeah but isn't that a zigbee pro device and requires a completely different system stack? What say you @mike.maxwell

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Don't know about the system stack requirement, Mike can definitely help with this.

On the Hubitat homepage, the C-8 is advertised as "Zigbee 3.0". Install Codes are a security feature introduced in Zigbee 3.0 to protect the network during the initial setup phase. The support for installation codes is a mandatory requirement for all Zigbee 3.0 devices.

Bosch devices I'm interested in require these Install Codes for pairing, which is why I'm suggesting that we add support for them in Hubitat. This would not only enable us to use these Bosch devices but also enhance the security of our Zigbee networks (once more manufacturers decide to add support for Zigbee Install Codes in their devices).


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