Feature request: minor change to include Ecobee thermostat also as a sensor

TL/DR: Also provide an Ecobee Sensor device for the actual temperature reading at the thermostat

The Ecobee thermostat API provides two temperature readings for the thermostat:

  1. the averaged value (as measured over all the active temperature sensors for the current comfort setting); this is displayed on the thermostat and the value the Ecobee integration currently uses
  2. the actual temperature value measured at the thermostat; this is displayed on the thermostat and on the Ecobee app under the list of temperature sensors

The community integration Ecobee Suite Manager has a setting to include the 2nd value as a separate Ecobee sensor device:


The built-in integration doesn't show this value at all. But it's available in the API. I'm just asking that the built-in integration also add this value as a temperature sensor device.



This extra temperature reading is actually the only reason I use the Ecobee Suite Manager on one of my hubs. If the built-in integration included it, I would just swap over to it.

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Hubitat staff.. Is it possible to expose the actual thermostat sensor reading? As an attribute would be great.

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Bump, @Hubitat_Staff is it possible to expose Thermostat as a sensor in the built in Ecobee app so we can get the actual local thermostat temperature reading?

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You might take a look at Ecobee Suite. It had a lot of additional features back in the ST days.

I have used Ecobee Suite, but don't find it adds value for me. I prefer letting Ecobee manage my HVAC. Ecobee Suite is how I became aware that Thermostat as a sensor is available.

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If you read my OP, you'll see that getting this extra temperature measurement was the only reason I was using the community Ecobee Suite. However, I found that it requires a huge amount of extra processing on my hub, and I don't use any other feature of it.

That's a good point.

I have my ecobee on home assistant local via homekit (long before hubitat supported homekit).

Never thought about it, but maybe that is possible in hubitat now that there is homekit support, too. Does anyone have an ecobee connected via homekit to Hubitat?

I ask that, as it may be another low effort way to get the temperature to show up as a sensor without waiting for a new driver or app update (or maybe not, lol).


I'm using HA as a homekit controller, and have my Ecobee linked to it that way. There is a very limited amount of data that is available locally via homekit. The on-board temperature sensor is not on that list that I am aware of.

I also have my Ecobees linked using HA as a HomeKit controller, and I thought the thermostat sensor temperature was available separately, as the "Current Temperature" entity on the thermostat. But I just looked now and I see that it isn't that value.

E.g., this is my downstairs Ecobee3 on HA:

But these are the current values via Ecobee Suite:



I can't ever decide what the Current Temperature value means on a homekit connected Ecobee.

Example below. I have 3 sensors + the thermostat reading. Some sensors are used in some modes, and not in others.

Note that the "Current Temperature" value doesn't really directly track any combination of the sensors... So I always "assumed" it was the thermostat temp itself, and not a combined sensor value.