Feature Request - Lock Code Manager

Would LOVE to have added the ability to setup REOCCURRING dates/times to Enable & Disable specific lock codes.

This is VERY helpful for Cleaning crews or other “work crews” who need access on the say day every 2 weeks.



This request has been asked many times before, including by me too. One work around that I've seen and played around with was to use RM (or MSR) to push/pull the code to your door lock. I had this at one point myself, but it was very unreliable in getting the code in or out of the lock itself. Could be my locks though. I ultimately gave up on it and also had a realization, if I were to give the cleaner a physical key, what would stop them from coming in on a day they were not supposed to? Another idea, if you leave their code active, you could setup a notification when that lock code is used.

I'm surprised that someone like @thebearmay or @bptworld hasn't already made one...


I'd love to see this feature too.

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Yeah, it's one thing that stops me from porting over my lock from ST, due to RBoy's lock manager. It's like one of the only things left on ST hub.

Once groovy stops on ST in a few weeks, that won't work anymore either. :frowning:


Yeah, i dread the day and I guess if he doesn't update it. I'll just port over and figure out workarounds for my needs. I'm sure it'll be fine..

Not to worry; there's a workaround from @klinquist


That's cool, hadn't seen it.

Is there anything you don't know? :wink:

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Event Engine now supports adding/deleting lock codes


That's even cooler...no Pi required!

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Rule Machine also supports adding and removing lock codes.

What @klinquist’s node server supports is a tie-in to airbnb. And, AFAIK, there’s no Hubitat app that permits that.


Thanks for clarifying...that is different/more.

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