Feature request for Pending Cancellation

I love that this is implemented and very easy to use. My feature request is I would like to use pending cancellation per mode too. During my sleep mode I would like the night lights to only go on for a short period of time especially in areas where I have motion sensors with quick active/inactive response times. Most of the time the dog is running downstairs to get a drink of water and then my whole light automation is going on for the 8 minutes before turning off. Thoughts?

Put a water bowl upstairs :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn't stop myself.


Why 8 minutes? That's a super long time for a motion based light. Usually, 1 or 2 minutes will cover any active area. If you have an area where people just sit, motion lighting will be a problem no matter what amount of time you use. Any active area doesn't need much time for the lights to stay on. The longest time I know of is where a woman might put makeup on, and 3 or 4 minutes works there.

If this is really an issue, use two different rules with different timings, and use mode restrictions to control which one is in effect based on mode.


That isn't true. Heavy areas of usage such as the kitchen table of living room requires longer cancellation periods as the person(s) in that room may not create enough motion to activate a sensor. I have the most sensitive sensors in those rooms (Zooz 4-n-1 with 15 sec reset and a EcoLink on Test mode for instant reset) and the lights still go off on someone if they are sitting longer than 1-2 minutes. 8 minutes seems to be the sweet spot.

If this is not possible to add as a feature I can keep doing what I am doing for a "sleep" mode and a normal mode. I already have 21 lighting rules for 6 rooms that are motion enabled.

This feature already exists. It's on the page where you select the lights to turn on:

That isn't what I need. I need the delay of the pending cancellation to be different per mode.

That's what that feature does.

Where is that in the Control Switches section which is where the pending cancellation is set? I am using the pending cancellation as my default delay to turn off switches if no motion is detected. I guess the many options are confusing in RM if this is not the case. See screenshot below of an example:

Real life rule:

That is for Motion Lighting.

I didn't realize you were doing this with RM.

Sorry I abandoned ML awhile ago thanks to RM’s pending cancel and pause/resume features.

Also made sure to categorize my ask correctly this time. :wink:

@bravenel thoughts on adding this to 1.1.6?

This will be in 1.1.6, along with Switch Per Mode and Scene Per Mode.

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You guys are truly amazing btw! Thank you for everything you all do!

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This feature was implemented in the latest release: Hub Update 1.1.6

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