Feature Request - Event for System Notifications



How about adding an event type for system notifications (platform update available, ZigBee network offline, etc..)? It seems like it would be helpful to receive a notification if one of these types of alerts occur so that one doesn't have to wait to log into the UI to find out about it or notice that some automation isn't working due to an issue.


These do not throw hub events. Will forward on the idea.

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As for platform updates you can subscribe/watch events in News and Updates category in the forum.

@bravenel just wanted to chime in. Would be nice if we could get a message from the cloud when the hub drops offline.

My reason last night I got home my automatons ran as expected. Only about 30 mins later I attempted to use a pico with no response. Looking at the hub it had gone red light on me. This was about 24 hours after update / reboot. So until I can get the time tontroubleshoo tee and migrate off my user created apps it would be nice to know when the hub dumps so I can take action sooner rather than later as this has been happening more frequently lately.

This would require the cloud to keep track of your hub. The whole point of HE is that it is local and private. What would notify you if the hub was offline? The cloud? That would require the cloud to process messages, which it doesn't do today. The cloud simply redirects traffic to your hub to be processed locally. It doesn't process any information. This would be a fundamental shift in HE's model.

I am fairly sure any cloud dependency such as alexa or Google has to be able to communicate with the hub. Support can also see when your hub is not internet connected. I do not think it would be difficult for the servers to push a notification if the hub fails to respond.

I could be wrong. Which is why I posed the question to Bruce.

Then the cloud would have to decide when to do that? What device will it notify? Will it send an SMS? Or push? Or email? What about those using Pushover? That would all have to be configured somewhere.

Some people haven't grasp the "concept" of tagging someone in these forums....... routinely trying to be the unsolicited answer you are asking for.

It you're referring to me my original post did tag Bruce.

No, I"m referring to others who respond ....wanting to be bruce..........

Obviously choices would need to be made. I was simply thinking a notification to devices with the app installed and logged in. Just my thoughts.

And I am just sharing mine....that's called a conversation. Which some people seem to have a problem with if it doesn't fit into what they think someone should be discussing.

This seems to have gone off the rails. Bowing out and waiting for staff input.


Question for everyone. Isn’t the app a way to know if the hub is online or not? And a means of notifications? And optional?

Was kinda what I was thinking...

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Maybe it works already. I haven’t tried it, but if you unplug the hub from Ethernet, wouldn’t it the be unavailable in the app?

How does the app know that the hub is unavailable? And does that mean that the internet is down or your hub is locked up? How long would it have to be offline before it notified you? Would that also happen if the phone was in airplane mode (since the phone is what's doing the checking)?

Likely yes. However i would have to have reason to open the app to see this. Which is not a habit i want to get in for checking hub status.

If I can get my hub crashes under control it becomes a non issue. Until then just looking for an early warning system.

Maybe I'll try and setup something on my pi.

Lol starting to think I should have started a new thread. As I seemed to have hijacked the OP request..

I have this set up using the ST cloud and webcore. RM sends a get request every 5 minutes to the ST cloud (don't even have to have my hub plugged in) and webcore keeps track of the last time my hub checked in. if it doesn't check in every 7 minutes, it alerts me.

If you use your Pi, then you won't get notified if your internet goes down.

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I was trying to play with some stuff on st cloud hubless. Sadly I gave my st hub to my brother and have no hub associated with the account at all which caused major fail with hub connect. I haven't attempted anything else.

Gonna try and buy a used hub cheap soon.A

Edit. Anyone looking to part with a st hub?