Feature Request: Device Notes Section for any info we need

I would like it if we could have a place on every device that we could put notes in Such as Battery Size, Room Location, Last tested, And such. So I know what battery I need before I find the device when I need to replace battery, where in the room to find my device, and what they last timew I manually tested device and other info I might need when troubleshooting device.

Basically just a spot I can put in any info into.

Somewhere around 1000 characters


Not sure what the limit per entry is but [RELEASE] Custom Device Note App


I will have to check it out.

It works and looks like you put alot of hard work into it. But wish the notes could be put in a particular order, Easier to manage and not require so many copies of the app were needed. But for the limitations we have it great.

I want habitat to to have something like this as a built in feature.

We click edit note, then we get a box like we do here, edit the note and then save.

Here is a mockup of what I would love to see implemented:

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The app isn't tied to the device, i.e. if you disassociate the device after saving the data stays with the device. There is a "brother" to this app that is more of an editor interface (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/apps/devDataEdit.groovy) , still have to give the new note a lookup value. Either one will allow you to add quite a bit of text to the device as the Testing data item shows here (and I could have added more):

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