Feature request: Device health

@ogiewon how did you get it working with pushover? I can't seem to find how to setup pushover, Hubitat posts seem to say it has native support?


@ericm's Device Monitor App works great with Pushover. In the Device Monitor 'Settings' page, under 'Send a push notification?', simply select your Pushover Device.

To set up Pushover, you can follow my instructions from when I originally wrote the Pushover Driver. No need to use the custom driver now that Hubitat has included it in the firmware.

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Thanks. I was missing the step of manually adding a new "Virtual Device" :slight_smile:

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Is there a recommended time for what is considered "Inactive". I guess it will boil down to how often I want to receive notifications - so just wondering what other users have setup.

Hi @ericm I've installed your app, but seems that it's looking at last event received instead of latest activity, do you think that it's possible to add an option for this? See below some screenshots.

Device monitor reports that "Presa taverna" device is inactive since 99 hours:

But last activity for "Presa taverna" was around 7 hours ago:

For reference, latest event was around 99 hours ago:


Since this has been an ongoing issue, I've created another option... :grin::sunglasses::grin:


Seems that it has the same issue:

I believe this is a bug in the last activity method pulling the wrong value. I had reported it to support and hopefully will be fixed in a future update to pull the last activity info instead of the last event info.

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Probably you are right because also @bptworld one is reporting the same.

Yes, this is a known issue. See the end of this thread:

I've seen a "ACTIVE/INACTIVE" option, but it's not clear what it changes, maybe meanwhile getlastactivity is fixed this option (or a new one) could be used and if active, independently from timing, devices will be reported considering only ACTIVE/INACTIVE status?

A device is marked as inactive if there hasn’t been an event in the last 24hrs. Essentially you get the same info using either method.

Just because it’s marked as inactive though doesn’t mean it’s offline. If I don’t flick on my dining room light for a day it becomes inactive but is still fully function. It’s a bit confusing.

No, active/inactive is not based on last event but on last activity, as you can see in above screenshot the device "presa taverna" is active and with latest activity today, despite latest event is from few days ago. Probably your light doesn't report anything else than on/off so last activity (and so the state) it's the same of last event.

If it's not possible to get the latest activity now, I think active/inactive seems more reliable.

You are correct. Got the terms mixed up as I was messing around in code.

It also depends on how the driver was written. I've been throwing code in my driver to get these values updated so I have a true representation of when my device goes offline. I also wrote specific checks for the xiaomi devices as they have a custom lastcheckin attribute you can pull from. These were the most troublesome devices for me at one point.

Either way, it will probably be fixed with the next update. The Hubitat devs are good like that with fixing issues. Once they do I can clean up a bunch of my code.

Use the two settings shown and you will only get alerts if a device becomes INACTIVE regardless of what getLastActivity returns. I think this is what you want.

Yes, that's what I was looking for. I'll give it a try!
Thank you

Oh, and the status will still show the last event time, but you shouldn't get notifications based on that number. You should only get notifications if the device has an "INACTIVE" state. Once the platform gets fixed to return the correct date with the getLastActivity call, then that number should be correct as well.

Latest update (2.0.3) is out. This included fix should solve the problem.

Device now returns same last activity time as UI.

Yes, I confirm that with latest update everything works as expected.

Now seems to be 3 scenarios available:

  1. "Disable delayed notification" and "Use active\inactive" both disabled
    Last event will be used and compared to inactivity timeout setting

  2. "Disable delayed notifications" disabled and "Use active\inactive" enabled
    Last activity will be used and compared to inactivity timeout setting

  3. "Disable delayed notification" and "Use active\inactive" both enabled
    Only status active/inactive is used

"Disable delayed notifications" enabled and "Use active\inactive" disabled could be used if only battery reporting is needed but in that case probably HSM custom battery status will be easier.

Second scenario (that I'm actually using) it's not really clear and I've found it just with some tests, maybe options could be renamed?

"Use Active / Inactive status if available?" => "Use last activity instead of last event"
"Disable Device Delayed notifications? (Only use INACTIVE / ACTIVE status)" => "Disable Device Delayed notifications? (Only use INACTIVE / ACTIVE status, requires "Use last activity instead of last event" enabled)"

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