Feature Request: adjust time of maintenance cycle

I have just learned that there's a built-in "maintenance cycle" that's triggered at 2 am (local time) every morning.

I understand that this cycle can impact hub performance, and 2 am is not a good time for us (night owls) to have automations not work the way they're supposed to.

So, feature request: an option to change the scheduled daily time for this cycle. Thanks!



Short of having it be completely customizable, even if there were two or three options, that would be preferable than running at 2am for me.

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I’m really hoping this was the cause of my slowness last night when I ran goodnight. Everything took an age to execute.

So another ++++1 here :wink:

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As long as the maintenance activities impact hub performance to the point that rules don't run as expected, it needs to be user configurable so it can be set to a time of least impact to the user. 2am doesn't work for everyone.

Or, if they can throttle the maintenance activities such that the hubs always work correctly during that window, that's fine too.


That's a great option I hadn't thought of. Who cares if the maintenance activities take 3 hours to run, right? As long as they don't make my motion control rules take 10 seconds to turn lights on, I'm fine with that. 2am is not a good time to have lights not come on when they need to. Now, whether throttling maintenance is possible within the architecture of Hubitat, I haven't the slightest clue. But another solid option to put out there. Plus, this option would present less problems from a support perspective since the user can't find some way to screw it up. :wink:


And they should lower the priority on the process to stop it causing ridiculously long response times during the backup.

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has there been any update to this? I run into this problem as well. I love to move the maintenance widow up or down. That would be great.


Has there ever been an official answer to this particular request? I've seen it a lot.

Can't remember where I read this, but I believe it will be configurable as of the next platform release.

I believe it has been mentioned this is something they have in plans. It may be part of the new premium service im thinking.

It’s part of the upcoming Hub Protection Service. See the Bullet points:

Well that's good then. I wonder how reasonable "reasonable" will be :wink:

I read that announcement as indicative of scheduling the as-yet-unreleased cloud backup time. Not the nightly database maintenance/pruning process.

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:point_up_2: Ditto. Two different (but related) things.

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I believe the statement can be taken either way, just as some have (apparently incorrectly), expected the nightly local backups to back up everything, not just the database. I’m staying out of that, let’s not open that can of worms. Just trying to help by providing the only “official word” on scheduling backups of any type that I have seen. All will be revealed when the Hub Protection Service arrives.

Yup you're right I replaced one for the other or thought they were inclusive. Either way seems you're right. :smiling_face:

Well they might be working on it as one project, as it's a related area. Maybe the time scheduling will be made available to both when they've finished. Time will tell...