Hub Protection Service Coming Soon

We intend to introduce a new service within the next month: Hub Protection Service. This service will be available on an annual subscription basis for a reasonable price. These are the features of the service:

  • Backup and restore of hub to/from the Hubitat Cloud. These backups include the Zigbee and Z-Wave radio settings and tables (Models C-5 and C-7 only).
  • Complete control over backup scheduling.
  • Optional password protected backup encryption.
  • Hub migration with all apps and devices, with optional radio restoration, to any hub registered to you. Zigbee migration will require post-migration device reset/rejoin.
  • Full hub warranty coverage for subscription term. Should your hub fail, we will replace it for free (you pay only for shipping).

With Hub Protection Service you will have the peace of mind that should anything happen to your hub, you will be able to recover without spending hours and hours rebuilding your system.

Stay tuned for further announcement about service availability and pricing.


Waiting for the "reasonable" price for a very interesting service.
One function I would like very much is a cold restart with a standby hub.
if one hub does'nt send an alive message for fixed time the standby takes over (previous hubitat app explicit permission...). To speed the process the standby hub could be syncronized in background time to time...

Of course I'm dreaming.... :grin:


Redundancy with a live backup would be awesome. But I'll settle for a downtime of a couple days as long as I don't have to contort my body to pair sensors under sinks and in the attic!


Yes yes, but let me dream.... :grin:


:point_up: this is so true! Since leaving ST in early 2018 for Hubitat, I have added a lot of devices, spread throughout the house in places just like this, that I'd rather not have to go should my hub fail... I hope the new Backup/Restore/Hub Migration capability works well.


Me too. I'm counting on it. :slight_smile:


All I have to say is....

"Hubitat, TAKE MY MONEY!!!" HAHAHA!!!. I am interested in a number of those bullet points, but of course the cost will be a factor especially at this point in time.

Thank you @bravenel for what you all do!!


This is an interesting idea, There is actually a problem that could arise from two identical hubs with the same radio information fighting about it. So, one always has to be sure to turn one of them off.

But, suppose you had a third hub whose job it was to power on one or another production hub? This would be the hub that detected a down hub, and then turned on the other one. That could work.

It would be a bit more effort to figure out how to keep the two up to date -- synched.


Oh, wait... I just remembered my main zwave hub is a C-4 with Nortek dongle..... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm screwed - oh well. Might be a while before I put my C-7 hub in service I guess as I'll need to find time to migrate a zillion (aka ~75) devices. Not the end of the world, just have to plan it out.

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I am interested in the backup and restore service as well.

May be too naive but what is about "hub status" =[running|standby] where standby hub switch radio off and running hub switch on as by configuration?

The behind "problem" is that HE shouldn't be anymore fully local...

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Yes, but without a witness (3rd hub in this example), how does one know when the other hub is down, versus a network interruption which would lead to both turning on their radios?

Need a quorum.

This is the big question really. How do you know it's down?

devices not responsive? well that happens but the hub is "alive". Things are "slow"... ok... not dead.... network not responding? which port? Service port? Ok... some definitive method is needed or a STONITH approach IF any of these happens kill the other hub and activate the standby.

Definitely needs a Quorum hub or service.... cloud? to be the arbiter.

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@roberto, @bravenel, @JasonJoel Could the 3rd device that is playing as "broker" in a HA setup be a Linux box, or Raspberri Pi, or even a VM with something like homebridge linking them that basically keeps everything "synced" and when "something" hit the fan (so to speak) then the broker tells the non-fan hitting device to enable the protocols (zwave/zibee radios) and take over? Sorry i work with a lot of HA systems in a healthcare setting and can kind of see how something to play as broker between 2+ HE hubs, if there were an application in place to allow the function. It's a really cool idea. I'm not a programmer but I surely could visio a flow for something like that LOL

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It could be whatever hubitat wants it to be. Not sure why they would NOT make it a 3rd hub though - for their own sanity. They have full control over the software and hardware in that case (plus sell a 3rd hub).

Is there a way for us to backup/export the Zigbee and Z-Wave radio settings and tables ourselves from one working hub to another or is the only way to do this via this new service?

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The watchdog role should be kept by the on line service. A sort of remote wake up on Lan when one hub does not send alive message. The two hub locally still should sync: the arising hub should check the other is really out and/or send a shutup message to the twin hub

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Yes, the quorum/witness could be the cloud service (technically). Marketing-wise that would be a huge optics problem for a company that touts the benefits of a local home automation solution...

Personally I don't think Hubitat will ever do this at all. There are much larger feature requests that were sidelined based on the fact there was "limited people that would use it".

But it is interesting to discuss nonetheless.

I have one of the original model hubs (UK). If I purchase a C7, so I’m able to make use of the hub protection service. Will I be able to migrate everything across from my original hub to a new C7? Or am I into needing to rebuild the system ?

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It sounds like only the C5 can be transferred. I am not sure what the "original UK Hub" model is.