Favorite discontinued HA devices?

So far none of the devices that I use for HA, and like, have been discontinued. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that most of what I currently use have been purchased during the last 6 months. What I had before getting my first HE just wasn't all that thought through and needed replacing anyway. I have 10 times as many devices now as I had when I bought my HE...
For those that still have "older" devices in play, what are your favorite discontinued HA device? If you need more devices of the same type, do you have an alternative that is still available? This is something I think about when buying a device I like, especially for devices which are visible and if you replace one and want to maintain a unified look you'd have to replace all. So far I have just made sure to have a few extra spares of devices like that, but that won't hold up long term.

Lowes Iris devices are awesome and unfortunately discontinued when Iris was shut down. They have lasted for years so hopefully they will continue for many more. You can still find them sometimes on eBay. Centralite was the manufacturer and unfortunately they went bankrupt too but got bought recently so hopefully we will see more come back.


Yes, I've seen many people who like them, they were never available where I live (China) so never tried them. But there are good replacement units for most of their devices, right?

Halo+ Smoke and C02, night light, ZigBee repeater. Great little unit. Wish we had speaker control via HE, would make it even better!!

Still available here and there, but company is out of biz. :cry:


That sounds like an amazing combo unit, is there anything else like that on the market?

I have not found anything with custom color/controllable night light. Wife/Guest love the motion activate soft purple light in the hallways at night.

When the company was running they had customized weather alerts via voice as well, but that is not available now.

Some people here have played with apps/drivers but nothing to take full advantage of the units abilities. I wish I had the know how to do so.

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Halo and Halo+ both had these features, it was the weather alerts that distinguished the + from the regular Halo. And as you mention, the weather alerts aren’t configurable by hubitat, unfortunately.

Also it’s a carbon monoxide detector, CO. It can’t do CO2, carbon dioxide :slightly_smiling_face:. But a very versatile device nonetheless!

Is the light controllable through Zigbee or Wifi?

This was through Wifi, right?

One issue I'd see with combo smoke and CO detectors is that CO detectors should normally be mounted further down from the ceiling than a smoke detector.

Someone should make one of these but pure Zigbee, they look neat. Since they need external power they may be somewhat hard to mount in the right location though.

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Hubitat can still control the rgb light, but the weather alerts were a WiFi-only feature. IIRC @mike.maxwell looked into adding them through the device’s zigbee side but it didn’t work out.

Since smoke detectors need to be on the ceiling, and CO distributes throughout the room fairly evenly, combined smoke/CO detectors are good to place high up. In the US, building codes dictate where they need to be wired into the home’s mains wiring for newer construction, so many people can place them as needed.

It was a great little device while the company lasted! Still useful as a smoke/CO detector connected to hubitat at least.


They are ZigBee. I don't have them connected to WiFi. Since the weather alerts don't work, no need and no way to since the app is down now.

Yeah I like the design of them, so I'll keep them till the non replaceable battery dies. If it starts beeping uncontrollable I will have to dissect it and trash if not repairable.

For now we enjoy the features we can.


While on the topic of fire safety, Leeo was another device I loved.

Through IFTTT, I was able to integrate it with smartthings, and for a while with hubitat.

Then they went belly up too :frowning:.

While their cloud lasted, I liked that I could get remote alerts with a push notification and an automated phone call, and I could hear whether a smoke or CO detector was going off from the audio recording Leeo made.

An independent alert in case of a ST or IFTTT failure was always reassuring to me. But like any cloud-dependent device, it’s a paperweight now that the Leeo cloud has dissipated :pensive:.


First generation Smart Things Motion Sensors. Regular battery (lasts forever) and USB jack. Unobtanium.


Nice, had Google that one!

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How did they go bankrupt when all the devices they made were going for like $50 a pop. Those Iris smart plugs were $45 I think. Way overpriced already.

Non-User Serviceable Rechargeable Lithium Battery Backup

I would have avoided it for that single reason. Making the one part that is guaranteed to fail non-replaceable.

NEEO smart remote. Had so much promise and then got bought and promptly shut down by Control4.

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Wink! LOL

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That is pretty high on my list too. Such a good piece of hardware, and a slick interface, but it was left to rot.

I think Centralite's bankruptcy timing pretty much coincided with Lowes shutting down Iris. When your #1 customer disappears, it is hard to stay in business. Also, both ST and Iris had switched OEM's to other companies. Again, without customers, Centralite had a hard time continuing. Also, if you search for it, there is a great article from one of the founders of Centralite, where he explains how the company got run into the ground through the mismanagement of others (who may have forced him out... :thinking:) Anyway, it is a good read if you can find it.

Not shutdown. C4 just announced updates for it :slight_smile: