Fastest zigbee motion sensor?

I got lucky 2 years ago and bought 20 new ones for $5 each... I have spare stock NIB, and about 40 of them total.


Better keep your address top secret. :wink:

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Just chiming in as another vote for thirdreality. Cheap and reliable. Had a bunch installed over a year without issue. I use their contact sensors exclusively as well. I really haven't tried any other sensors though tbh. These were the first ones I tried when I got into hubitat and haven't had a reason to look into others.

I do not know why they say that but I get about 1.5 to 2 years on them. If they are outside in the cold they tend not to last as long.

By the way I only use Energizer batteries. For me they always last the longest and I have multiple customers to deal with.

If I need a battery motion sensor that last extremely long and it is a Lutron home, I use the Lutron motion sensor which last 10 years on a single battery. In some cases I can use the alarms motion sensor that is hard wired.

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Is this directly accessible now in HE? I thought I remembered that the motion sensors had to be tied to a light in the Lutron app? Maybe I'm just wrong...

Yeah, it doesn't report via telnet so Hubitat can't use it. If we ever get LEAP we would be able to use it.


RadioRA 2 versions report Telnet, so are available on Hubitat. If you want Caséta versions you can do it in Hubitat in a round about way via Home Assistant as HA has a LEAP based integration.


Do those RA 2 sensors communicate through the Pro 2 hub?

No, through a RadioRA 2 Main Repeater. Lutron locks devices to their respective product lines. The one significant exception is Picos which work across product lines.

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Which have been identified by the FDA as a gateway drug... :wink:


Nyce sensors but pricy

That is correct. This also limits what it can do. The only good thing about these motions is the battery life; I do not like them normally.

The sensitivity is better than just about any other battery sensor and is adjustable. It's possible to get away with 1 where other brands would require multiple sensors. The only downsides are the size and limited form factors.

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And the lack of telnet communication through the Lutron Caseta Pro hub :cry:

It looks like there's a RadioRA 2 main repeater for $150 on eBay and it's a useful addition for some Pico/Caséta use cases:

The issue I have with them is the size, not working with Hubitat, the cost and on rare occasions they can be slow (I have never been able to figure out why). They are very sensitive and the batteries do last a long time so I reserve them for those situations.

So are all the motion sensors from HUE compatible with HE without the HUE bridge?


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