Fastest zigbee motion sensor?

Sonoff seem to have a delay lights dont come on instantly when entering a room. Aqara are very fast but once the battery dies the first time they become unreliable and need to be reconnected every once in awhile.

Part of that equation is placement.

That said, I have no complaints with

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I find that the Aeotec/Samsung motion sensors are very fast. The Hue ones are also very good. Both are on the high end of the price range though, but they just work - always.


I have tried the Samsung ones no luck and they are on the larger side.

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I just bought a few Third Reality from Amazon and they work very well. They only have motion and battery level but are cheap. So you can get one to try and not be out much cash. I would say they are as fast as the original ST motion sensors. One drawback is mounting options are lacking.


Already have one in order what is the interval 30s or 60s?

I find that the Tuya Motion sensor with the' Tuya 4 in one' driver seems to be the fastest for me.

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Here is a link to the Tuya Motion.

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The Hue sensors have adjustable retrigger time from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, temperature and lux sensors, and use AAA batteries.


From Costco US. :grin:

$60/2 Member Pricing


They are also 75 dollars cad each I can't justify that price

I just saw you put CAD. The most I’ve paid for them was $39 here in the US. I bought a few outdoor ones on clearance for $25 each.

They are cheaper at the Home Depot (at 54.99 CAD) than on, but that’s still a high price… Would be nice to live in the US sometimes to get their better prices…!q=Hue%20motion


Yup, sucks to be us. :wink:

You can sometimes (rarely) find the Hue indoors on sale for as little as $35ish ($15!! once) and the outdoors for $45ish. It's been a while...
You can also subscribe to the Canada section to get a notification if someone finds/posts any deals.

PS Welcome to the community!


Thank you I'll do just that


I just checked and the interval from active to inactive is 35 seconds. There are no adjustments for this interval.

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That is actually pretty quick

My NYCE ones are fantastic

I've always had good luck with Third Reality sensors. The motion sensors I mount with Command strips.


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