Fast motion sensor with Lutron switch

I am trying to find a fast response motion sensor that will turn on a Lutron switch? Looking for something with a 1-2 minute shutoff.

I looked at the Fibaro but it has a 2s delay that cant be overwritten. I dont have a Hubitat system yet (I have ST v2) but if there is a sensor that works better with the Hub, I will buy the Hub.

This is for a pantry light.

Any recommendations?

I'm using the Philips Hue indoor motion sensor and it's almost instant with Lutron switches. The Outdoor version is the same.

I am using a few types of sensor, but the Smart Things Zigbee ones are very fast. I hear that Aeontec will be producing them soon.

I recently purchased some Sonoff Zigbee motion sensors and they also seem quite responsive.


All the zigbee motion sensors I have are quick. As are the Dome and Fibaro z-wave+ ones that I have.

What are you referring to? I have the Fibaro sensors linked to below and see no such delay:

I dont have a Philips Hue light, unfortunately. It's a regular pantry light.

@Sebastien, this guy?


Just to clarify. Hubitat permits the use of ANY paired sensor as a trigger for automations that use ANY paired device.

So it doesn't have to be Hue to Hue. It could be Hue to anything, or anything to anything.


Yup, that’s the one.

Can you describe what you want to happen? Sometimes there are approaches that you may not be aware of, and that my simplify things... :grin:

(Ex.: Light turns on when someone walks in and turns off 2 minutes after they left - motion stopped.)

If you read those some of the reviews posted, there are a couple that mention the 2s delay. Also, there is a 5m minimum shutoff time which is a little high for a pantry.

Great question @Sebastien! I am trying to automate a pantry light. When the door opens I need a very responsive light (<1s) and a short shutoff time, turn off after 1 minute of no motion.

I don't see either of those.

Have you considered a door sensor that turns on the light when opened and turns it off when closed? (Or is the door typically closed after someone enters it...?)

I have a cold room and that is what I have had setup for a while. It worked great!
I recently added a motion sensor that detects if someone is in the room so we could close the door, but it is one that takes a while to detect no-motion (like you describe) so the light does stay on longer...

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@Sebastien, I did but the door is usually not closed all the way. I figured the best way to do this is a motion sensor.

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Here's some actual data using a Fibaro FGMS-001 with the built-in hubitat driver.


The sensor reads active the instant I flashed my hand over it. And went inactive approximately 46 seconds later.

So I have no idea where you arrived at the notion that it took 2 seconds to become active and 5 minutes to become inactive, but that isn't the case for the z-wave+ version.

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You said Lutron light right. Philips Hue motion sensor will work with Lutron light using Hubitat. I use this combination in my bathroom.

The Lutron Caséta motion sensor is expensive, but very fast and very sensitive. Only turns on Lutron Caséta devices.


I think the only drawback to this is the 5m minimum for shutoff.

AFAIK, that’s not accurate. The minimum timeout is 1 minute, not 5.

No, that's correct. For the Caséta Occupancy Sensor, it's 5, 15 or 30. But to me this isn't a big deal. I guess if I was going to use this in some places that would be too long, but most of my lights that I have set to turn on with motion are set to turn off in 4 minutes, so for me 1 minute more is nothing. Depends on your use case I suppose.

Spot on, I just checked the online manual and read that. You can do a 1m adjustment.

Question, what is the real-world battery life on this compared to the Fibaro?

Anyone know the pros/cons of these 3 devices?

  1. Fibaro Motion Sensor Z-Wave Plus
  2. Caséta Occupancy Sensor (fast but battery life?)
  3. Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector - PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO (read this was fast response also)

Just trying to find the best solution to automate a pantry light.

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