Farewell Stringify, webCoRE...and SmartThings Hub(Almost)

I finally managed to get all my Stringify flows(+/-40), webCoRE apps and all my Smartthings devices(50) (except for my Arlo cameras for which I'm still using the HubConnect app) recreated/transferred to Hubitat.

When Comcast announced it was shutting down Stringify, I started looking for alternatives. When I found out about this Hubitat Elevation device, I did not believe I could make it but decided to give it a try anyway. With the help of members & developers of the community, I did it (except for a very few things that I managed to do another way).

So a big thanks to all and long live Hubitat and all the developers behind it. Fabulous work!


I've also used all three capabilities you mention and haven't been happier to be fully on the HE platform going forward. It's been much more stable and provides better performance. Enjoy!

I have to say that, in my humble option, Rule Machine is far superior to Webcore.
First of all, I find that since it is tightly integrated with everything else in HE, this is a great advantage over the loose integration of Webcore with SmartThings. RM feels like an integral part of HE, as opposed to Webcore which feels like an add-on.
Second is that it appears to be much more flexible in it's range of actions and triggering conditions.
The advantage of Webcore over RM is that the code could be easily shared and transmitted.
I'm sure that there are many other advantages of RM, and I'm very pleased with this particular aspect of HE.
Rule Machine can surely be called "the crown jewel of Hubitat Elavation".

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There isn’t anything I could formally do with Stringify, that I cannot now do with RM 3.0

Even one of the better tricks, that allowed me to restrict unlocking of doors by voice with Geolocation data, is now possible thanks to the HE mobile app.

If someone could write the app/driver to control Arlo cameras, I would be able to flush smartthings completely:-)

The only things I was not able to do in Hubitat was getting Traffic and Weather data.

One down. I now have access to Weather data...I should have search a bit harder before...

Works great!

And for those of you who wants a bit more controls on all the available states, there is the WATO app:

Works great also!

Now, any app for Traffic data by any chance?
Let say I want to know how much time it would take to go from point A to Point B?
For now, I rely on my Google Home Hub to get the info.

Want to know why I'm flushing SmartThings?

That's why! Too many issues every single weeks.

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