Fan Control: Low, Med, High, Off


Is there a way to set the values for Low, Medium and High fan speed settings? I think they are 15, 50 and 100, but my fan likes 33, 66 & 99.

The slide dimmer is a bit too touchy to use with my fan, as the fan reallydoesn't like values above 66, except for 99/100.

I haven't found a way, and my workaround is 3 separate buttons with individual fan speeds set, as well as an off button.

It works, but the appeal of a single button for Low, Med, High, Off cycling is significant!

I'm using a GE Zwave fan controller.



You can on my user fan controller driver (assuming your GE fan controller device is zwave plus, and not regular zwave)... A side bonus is that it also supports the dashboard fan template.

At least it is possible to change it on my driver when controlling from HE. When controlling from the physical switch there isn't any way to change it.

If it IS a standard zwave (not 14xxx device) then you are out of luck.


In your dashboard, make sure you pick the Fan template instead of the Dimmer template. Then when you tap on the device (not on the slider) you get a pop-up with the speed control.


Thanks for the Driver Jason, and the tip Ryan!

All 5 or 6 of these things I have are the 14287 model, so we're good there!

It works great from my Desktop, Firefox on Android, and whatever browser is on the wife's iPad. For some reason, it doesn't generate a popup on my Android Tablet using Chrome. Not a problem, I just used Firefox, and all was well.

Love the custom speed settings! I calculated a medium-low and a medium high, but the fan seems go to high at anything above 66% anyway, and I don't really know for sure if Medium Low is any different than Medium (or low!).

Being able to define the levels is a GREAT thing. Thank You.

If you're thinking of extending this at all:
It would be nice to be able to enable or disable the speeds (e.g. only have low/med/high/off) from the settings page, such that the popup only displays the allowed speeds.

What's the "auto" speed for?

Does "on" simply default to the last set speed?

Again, thanks. This is magnificent!



Depending on how old the iOS version is, that may make sense. Older iPads/iOS releases don't support the full complement of features in Safari needed to use all features in the dashboard.

The popup on the dashboard isn't configurable. It is a 'one size fits all' template. So hiding them in the driver wouldn't change the popup options.

Auto, as I understand it, is for some fans (Hunter Douglas maybe) that have an auto/breeze feature. It isn't used on the GE driver (it does nothing if you try and select it).

Correct. ON should turn the fan on at last speed.


It works just fine on the iPad, it's the Android with Chrome that it doesn't like!

Ah, I see. Thanks!

For the record, the driver works OK with the Hunter I have (as far as I can tell, 33/66/99 ranges are all it has), but it works extremely well with the Harbor Breeze which seems to support a much broader range of set-values than the Hunter. It works so much better, that if I hadn't just replaced the old fan in the Master Bedroom with the Hunter, I'd be headed to the store to buy a Harbor Breeze!

This driver is great! Thank You.