False Intrusion Alarms - Can't narrow it down

I get intrusion alarms sent to me about every 5 minutes. when i look at the log or the alerts all it says is "intrusion alert", not the actual device that caused the alert. all contact sensors and motion sensors seem to be functioning properly (i even watched the dashboard).


  • Is there a way to individually add a sensor alert to hsm individually (with its own txt alert)?
  • If not, how in the world do i easily troubleshoot which sensor is causing my issue (without doing just one at a time - way too many sensors).
    *is it possibly not a sensor, some other issue?


In the text alert settings for intrusions, you can use variables to report the triggering devices, date, time.

Can you send a screenshot of your HSM app section in the app list?

Just wondering if it there is a alert to dismiss