Fall cleaning?


Lots of regrets, lessons learned and fond memories.

This isn't everything. Just what I cleared out of my desk.

Hello I'm Helene and I've been a HA addict for three years. I don't want to change!


All in operation, and those are just empty boxes....:smiley:


:sunglasses:Try being addicted to not only HA, but to writing code for odd devices. I need a sponsor.

:slightly_frowning_face:(I am not making light of the many people with alcohol, drug, gambling, or other addictions, just making light.)


I'm so glad I threw all my boxes away, 'cause that means I don't have a HA "addiction" right?



Actually, the box saving IS the problem. I have that issue too. :grin:


Hello...my name is Stephan...and I too have a box saving problem.


I've had bad units and saving the box to return the bad unit in was nice! Plus warranty information, product guides, etc. However, the documentation has been more accurate online than what was included in the box with the Sylvania stuff.


Same reason I initially keep all my boxes. I would take a picture but the wide angle lens won't capture all the boxes and relegated HA stuff in one shot....like I said, I have a problem.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know I don't have as much stuff as many here, but a few months ago I made an attempt to tidy up my shop. I collapsed as best I could, old smart home component boxes and I had a pretty good sized stack, even though they were collapsed. But what remains it still quite a large pile.

I do have a problem with my problem. :upside_down_face:


This is when you truly know you have a problem....


Remember, it is the person who dies with the most toys who wins, not the person with the most empty boxes.:innocent:


I humbly submit my entry from the UK :slight_smile:

This is a four-door wardrobe, the left and far right doors are stuffed with empty boxes of things that are in use still!

Fortunately I've received "help" earlier this year from SWMBO who convinced me to clear out the unused stuff via eBay .... which is still an ongoing process, but at least the stash of boxes in my office has gone down (eBay "stock" is in the garage now).


So true and with over 225 devices connected to my multiple hub system I might not have the most toys, but I definitely qualify for Hubitat Anonymous counseling. :ambulance:




I can't wait to buy a house and throw all of these boxes away. I'm keeping them for moving/resale if some things don't fit with my house plans.



You guys are crazy and need help! :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rumpole :joy:

When I saw that SWMBO I knew you where either old, or British. :ok_hand:


or possibly Military. That was a common phrase when I was in...and not quite so old.


@scottgu3 are you British or American? Also what did SWMBO mean in the military?



She Who Must Be Obeyed.