Fall cleaning?


I actually went to add this the the acronyms wiki and saw that it was already there. I knew the phrase but never saw it abbreviated till now. Glad to see the list is being updated often.


First time I heard this was back in the 70's watching 'Rumpole of the Old Bailey'. So I'm always intrigued by who uses it, where they are from, and how they came across it. I believe it first came from a book.

Have a great day, I'm off to buy a HA box.


British ..... not that old though :slight_smile:

SWMBO has been pretty common on tech related forums ..... can't remember where I first saw it, but probably a rerun of Rumpole .... you must be older if you saw the original broadcasts :older_man:


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Knee high to a grass hopper, sitting with my Nanna, and never missed afternoon Emerdale and Crown Court...