Failing to register hub already

I don’t see my hub under Hubitat Elevation List when I login at the page. I can ping the hub from the computer and I see the hub is on the network via my router dhcp assignment.

Any ideas?

I just when through that issue and here what work for me. First I unplug my hub and let it sit for around 30 seconds and then restarted it and once the blue light came on I when to the portal and my hub didn’t show up until I hit the refresh button and there it was. Hope this help?

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Thanks, been power cycling the hub multiple times without luck so far. I am getting good exercise going up and down the stairs at least.

I did the same thing before I discover the magic refresh button and then there it was.

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hmm no magic happening here i guess. i even try it on another computer. Will have to connect directly via LAN to see if it’s my wireless.

hmmm do i have to register for a new account at or do i use the community login account?

Shouldn’t matter but you do have to be on the same lan and subnet.

Up and running. Thanks for the awesome support @patrick and @bamarayne


Just for reporting/tracking purposes, I had a similar issue with the hub not showing up in the portal with the first try. I let it sit there for several minutes and then tried to refresh the portal (incl. logout/login)… I then power cycled the hub once and waited a minute or so before trying again and bingo it was there.


Just got new hub. Anything I do, hub will not show up on the portal. Can ping the hub on my network.

See this thread. You should contact support.

I had the same problem when I had my hub hooked up to a switch on my network. Then I hooked up my hub directly to the router and it began working. Once it was registered, I was able to move the hub back to the location it was originally and it remained working. I am not sure if moving it directly to the router was the fix, or just rebooting the hub multiple times was what did it.

A couple times a week when I log into portal my hub doesn't show up. There's a note saying to power cycle hub. Why is that necessary so often? What is causing this issue? I am only a couple weeks into Hubitat but this is annoying.