Factory resetting and removal of old C7?

Maybe I'm missing something easy....

But when converting from my old C7 to my new C8, I shutdown the old C7 after I did the cloud backup. Unplugged and everything removed. Setup C8 and restored everything flawlessly. But how do I get rid of the C7 from my devices and factory reset it? I couldn't see anything when I looked some earlier in the settings menu on the C7.

Settings menu

Go to ZigBee details page and click reset right above the routing table.
Go to Z-Wave details page and click reset at the bottom of the page.

Back at Settings, click on Diagnostic Tool. Enter your hub MAC address for the password. Select soft reset.


It would be advisable to shutdown the C-8 until after you reset the radios on the C-7 so both hubs aren't trying to talk to the devices.

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Also, be sure to change the Zigbee channel number, to avoid conflicting with the C8 hub. The C8 hub cloned the C7's Zigbee radio ID, and it is important that both hubs are not on the same Zigbee channel.


Also, if you plan on no longer using the C7, and might consider selling it... Please unregister the C7 hub from the Hubitat Cloud server. Otherwise, the person you sell the hub to will be asking you to do so later on.

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