Expression [MethodCallExpression] is not allowed: javax.crypto.Mac.getInstance(HmacSHA256)

Is there any java.crypto support?
I'd need

Mac mac = javax.crypto.Mac.getInstance("HmacSHA256")



@mike.maxwell can you help here? :slight_smile:

Did you ever figure this out?

+1 for javax.crypto support please!

I have built a driver that needs to perform AES encrypt/decrypt to talk to a device, so the classes I need are:

import javax.crypto.spec.IvParameterSpec 
import javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec
import javax.crypto.Cipher

Including any of those gives:

Importing [javax.crypto.spec.IvParameterSpec] is not allowed

Or trying to access them in code via full definition (ie. without import needed) gives:

Expression [DeclarationExpression] is not allowed: (iv = new javax.crypto.spec.IvParameterSpec(initVector.getBytes(UTF-8)))


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A recent newcomer to the Hubitat community... have had my C-5 unit a few weeks now and now looking to write my own driver. I searched the forums and found that someone else is also having similar issues to me in that it appears some of the crypto libraries are not included with the Hubitat firmware. Why?

Any plans to add these libraries? Looking for support around HMAC-SHA256, AES-CBC and base64 encoding capabilities to allow me to interact with a server unit that is controlling a garage door (uses strong encryption over a web socket).

@dwery was you able to progress around this? Any feedback from @mike.maxwell?



No feedback but still hoping!

Still hoping too... My plan B is going to be setup a REST endpoint on a Raspberry Pi that lets me send it the data to encrypt and sends it back... seems ridiculous, but it's my only option :frowning:

I have too many bridges already :smiley: don't want one more for my Neato


Are you guys all trying to solve this to port the Neato driver? I am. The only reason my ST hub isn't a paper weight.

Not me, I’ve another project that I’d like to use these libraries for... so instead I’ve had to build a NodeJS bridge.

I did raise it with the Hubitat support team - their response was “this enhancement has not been prioritised and no time frame”.

I’m on hold due to the missing library as well.

I wouldn't hold my breathe. It's like to set it too but I doubt is high priority

Maybe a Christmas gift? :smiley:

Have you given it a try lately? It wasn't in the release notes as far as I remember but @chuck.schwer told me it was added in to 2.1.7.

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it worked, thanks!

For Neato?

I just tried the above mentioned crypto function, and it worked. With that, a driver for the Neato can certainly be built.