Expose devices or virtual switch from Hubitat to Vera

I have an app in Vera that i can not replicate in Hubitat for Emby two way interaction. I have all my zwave light switch in Hubitat, might it be possible to expose dimmers/switch to vera so when a movie starts on client 1 vera can dimm and then turn off the lights, similar for lights on when movie is paused or stopped. Or perhaps Hubitat can check the state of a virtual switch in vera and perform these actions if vera virtual switch is on or off ?

You could do it if you put node red on both vera and hubitat. What are you playing the movie on that triggers vera?

The emby plug-in for Vera monitors in real-time emby sever and clients playing. From this you can trigger automations
E.g if media room emby client is playing a movie and motion detected by external security camera 1 then:
Bookmark place in movie
Stop movie
Play camera feed on media room client
When camera feed stops resume movie from previous book mark
Etc etc
Plus lighting for various states I.e play, pause, stop etc
Perhaps I could use a virtual switch in alexa as both Vera and Hubitat can share this platform

That could work, add error checking into the rule because virtual switches get out of sync....

Does Vera let you connect to a defined HTTP endpoint in response to a trigger? If it does, you can use MakerAPI on Hubitat. This will permit you to keep your automation fully local with no cloud reliance.

It’s seems it is possible:

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