[Explained] Rule Machine: trigger rule condition bug

Hi @bravenel , I just noticed a possible UI issue with RM I was going to use a Global and was checking things out and I selected capability switch as a condition option. The issue is once you have selected a capability it wont let you remove that option.

Even if you select a switch you then can't delete/ change it. So you would need to try to cancel you changes by exiting the app. But even that doesn't work and it still holds the ghost device.

so now if i don't want a 2nd switch capability i would have to delete and start the rule all over again.

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Yes, this is a change to the ui. Further changes in this area are coming. It turns out that changing a condition creates all sorts of problems. If this is in a rule, just move on and create another condition, or delete the rule and start over. New version coming will allow for deletion of a condition, but changing them once started is gone.

Best plan in this case is to remove the rule and start over. Extra conditions will still cause rule evaluation when their state changes. Sometimes you can use this feature to force rule evaluation, even when the condition is not part of the rule. But, this can also cause rule evaluation when you don't expect it. This all depends on the rule.

A future release of Rule Machine is going to allow conditions to be deleted.


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