Ex-wink, HE noob

hey all. so i was with wink for probably 10 yrs. broke the tie today after paying $4.99 per month for no service and no connectivity. after researching on here on trying to get adapted to this platform, wasnt coming back with an exact answer and hopefull you all can help.

i got my hue linked...that was easy.
next devices were Leviton DZPA1-15A. i've tried the factory reset and repair, no luck. i plugged my wink POS back in and removed device as others have indicated. held button in for 4-5 sec till it flashed orange, tried "start z wave inclusion", no luck. tried excluding, on luck.
sorry in advance all, but what am i missing here?

also have all my other devices, GE Link bulbs x 8, dome leak sensor, quirky door contacts, passive IR sensor, etc.

if anyone else out there vested this much $$ into devices (z-wave, zigbee, etc) via wink and seamlessly transferred devices, hit me up!

I have no firsthand experience with the Leviton device you mentioned, but I did find these instructions. Make sure you follow the EXCLUSION process first, and the perform the INCLUSION process.


I have two of these paired to my Hubitat. In general, if pairing fails, make sure there isn't a ghost device left in your list of z-wave devices. If there is, remove it. If there isn't, then do a complete shutdown. Power down the Hubitat (unplug from the outlet end, not the Hubitat end - the microUSB connector is fragile). Then power the Hubitat back up again and try pairing from a much closer distance (like within a few feet).


thank you.
so i updated the firmware to the hubitat and was able to pair the switches.

so at first i thought this was going to take forever for the reward - but i have to admit, this platform blows away wink IMO just with customization and active users!

looking forward to customizing!


Almost forgot.. Welcome to Hubitat! :slight_smile:


thank you.
so i've only been in the software for a few hours, but its becoming 2nd nature once i understand the ins/outs. loving this so far. my old wink hub is going to be target practice this weekend lol


Excellent, and to echo @ogiewon - welcome to Hubitat!

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There will be times when you'll want to pull your hair out (which is why I keep mine very short) as you try something 3 times in row but the 4th works and you can't figure out why. But after you learn and play a little you'll probably go out and buy lots of sensors and toys. What this thing can do is amazing sometimes. Also, unlike Wink, you will see the company founders and staff directly working with us newbs (even easily confused seniors like me) sometimes releasing a hot software fix for your problem within a day or two. The evolution of this product over the last two years while I have been watching has been phenomenal!


Welcome to the HE neighborhood. :slight_smile:

Some suggestions...a good thread here for a newbie about popular/useful apps:

Probably the most important app in general is Hubitat Package Manager (aka HPM) which provides one-stop-shopping to browse and install community apps and drivers (and there are a lot of community apps and drivers) - HPM still says "Beta" but don't let that fool you, it's stable and reliable and a must for happy Hubitating:

Explore, ask questions, and have fun.