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Take a look at post 208 or the XBee 3.0 spec sheet, where the model numbers are explained with descriptions. The ones in @vjv's post are identical except for the "-J," which distinguishes non-Pro models from Pro models in the 3.0 series. Both have PCB antennas (the "P" in the model number indicates this).

The non-Pro models don't have an insanely strong radio like the Pro models do, but both should be fine for normal use as a router/repeater. I assume the price difference reflects some difference in the component costs.


Thanks, so I suppose because the J model is cheaper maybe the spectrum analyzer is not avilable. I will get the PRO, it was confirmed by @NoWon that works.


pro has 19 dBm power output vs 8 dBm so more range but I would think they would have the same functions. I only own the pro versions though.


I would expect that too, but I only own non-Pro versions. :laughing:


@bertabcd1234 does your non-pro work with the spectrum analyzer?


if you have non pro, could you confirm if the spectrum analyzer works? I just want to save a few bucks because I already got a v2 xbee just for troubleshoot the mesh and I don't want to spend a lot more to get another one because I did not read the first time. lol


Just tried. Spectrum analyzer works on the non-Pro model I have, the XB3-24Z8PT-J (though I imagine it's the same for them all).


Thanks for the info.


XB3-24Z8PT-J cost me $19 with free overnight shipping at arrow dot com, thanks so much.


Received, now testing begins. Fast shipping.


I've had several Xbees in my system for a while now, but never played with the Spectrum Analyzer until @vjv brought it up recently. I've got what may be a really stupid question, but couldn't find much info with Digi's docs. Is it safe for me to assume that the analyzer's channels 0-15 directly correspond to the hub's channels 11-26?

I chose my hub's channel to stay away from the greatest concentration of visible 2.4 wifi networks, but according to the analyzer, I plopped myself right in the middle of the most noise. Or maybe that noise is my own mesh and I really shouldn't worry about anything. - Tinkering out of boredom


lol, actually I was thinking the same, but maybe setting the xbee as a coordinator in channel 0, 10, then 15 you can look the actual noise?(turning off other zigbee netwoks) just a speculation, I'm still playing with mine, and I have 4 2.4Ghz networks, 2 wifi in ch 11 and 6 and 2 zigbee in ch 20 and 15. Everything works fine here, I just want to have a way to troubleshoot other installations later.


I've been hesitant to switch it to coordinator. It has always been my understanding that a zigbee mesh can only have one(I could be confused though). I didn't want the hub to lose control of it. I have at least 20 2.4 networks around me and everything has been working great for a long time. Maybe, i just need to find something else to do today. LOL


I did a few tests, the xbee must be paired to work the spectrum analyzer, I found this link with the basics of the tool, I believe there is nothing else.


I believe those 0-15 are the wifi channels (red marks)

and they overlap zigbee 11-26 (blue marks)

Why to choose wifi channel 1 or 6 or 11


makes sense for me, I did the test near hubs and 1 wifi in ch 11



wifi in ch 11, right between zigbee ch 22(11) and ch 23(12)
my main hub is on ch 20(9) and my hub for xiaomi is on ch 15(4)

you can see the nasty noise from my wifi!


excellent explanation!


HaHa! My router automatically chose channel 4 for 2.4 wifi. I chose 15 for zigbee to avoid surrounding networks. This may explain why my Aqara window sensors that sit less than 5 feet from my router have marginal RSSI values. Something else to play with.


I just remembered I had some XBee modules sitting around, and I'm wondering if they would work as zigbee repeaters. They say XBee S1 on them, and in XCTU, it says:
Product family: XB24
Function set: XBee 802.15.4
Firmware version: 10ef

I don't see all of the settings that are at the top of this thread though. Can these be made to work? Or are they too old? Thanks!


Look the post 246 to 250, probably they are the settings you need