European under floor heating thermostate?

Hi guys,

I live in Sweden and was looking forward to buy a Sinopé underfloor heating thermostat but when I spoke with them they informed me that they unfortunately don't sell to Europe, which was a pity.

There are other floor heating thermostats available with zigbee for european use such as the Sunricher SR-ZG9092A and the Namron Zigbee Touch Termostat which looks identical. But, will they be compatible with Hubitat (as far as I can see they are not on the supported devices list)? Has anyone connected any of these devices (or other similar for european use) to hubitat with any success?


You did not mention what kind of underfloor heating system you are using but have you seen this post?- [RELEASE] Tuya Wall Mount Thermostat (Water/Electric Floor Heating) Zigbee driver - #83 by iEnam

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Hi Amithalp,

Thank you for your reply. To be perfectly honest I don't know what system I have. It was installed by a previous owner. I have vierified that it is possible to replace the sensor and I am sort of hoping that replacing the current thermostate with a one and a new sensor will work somehow. But I don't know if the current system is water based or electricity based. If you have any idea on how to investigate this please feel free to share.

Thank you for the link to the other post which I had not seen. I will investigate that.

Hi @magnus.s ,
This is the place to start. A water based system comes with a lot of equipment with it. It will require a water heater tank and some kind of heat exchanger (usually looks like a big AC unit, at least where I live). You will then have pipes and valves to distribute the water to the different areas in your house. The valves will be connected somehow to the thermostat so it will open and close according to the thermostat reading and the setpoint defined.
Electric system to my knowkedge is made of electric wires running below the floor,
As each system require a different thermostst currents it is important to fighre this out first.
Can you have a look at your current thermostat? Does it say 3 amp (water) or 16 amp (electricity)?

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience regarding the under floor heating. Out of your description I have concluded that my system must be electrical based. I have none of the gear you mention in your description, and the current thermostates states 16 amps.

Namron and Sunricher seems to be using one and the same set of custom commands for the non-standard functions control - display_brightnesss, display_auto_off, power_up_status, window_open_check, hysteresis. These extras will require a custom driver.

The standard functions (setting the heating temperature, reading local temperature, switching the heating mode, etc...) may work with the HE inbuilt Zigbee Thermostat driver, but there is no guarantee - must be tested and confirmed.

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@kkossev ,

Thank you for your reply. And thank you for your input.

I read your post: [RELEASE] Tuya Wall Mount Thermostat (Water/Electric Floor Heating) Zigbee driver as suggested by @amithalp .

I did a google search for the Avatto Model 1 but it seems this has gone out of production (?) and appears to be available only with WI-FI in the model with closest look and feel to the depicted one.

I found anotherone, perhaps the replacement,

Do you know if your driver for the model 1 would work with this one? (Is the model 1 you reffered to also battery driven?) I have not yet read the full thread regarding your driver, perhaps some of the others which initially was not fully compatible would also now be a choise?

EDIT: I now found this one which perhaps is the newer edition of the zigbee version? But I am not entirely convinced this actually is a zigbee version, it looks like the wi-fi only version?

@magnus.s I would advise you to avoid the touch-screen controls. These are difficult to operate by non-techy family members .. I would choose mechanical keys for local control where available.

With all these Tuya white labels (Moes, Avatto, BEOK, etc, etc...) it is never 100% guaranteed what you will receive, even if it looks the same as the previous model, the electronics inside may be different. So no guarantee.

On the AliExpress link - there 6 different models - make sure you select the right model before purchasing :

Do you have links for Sunricher SR-ZG9092A and the Namron Zigbee Touch Termostat ?

Thanks for your thoughts, recomendations and input @kkossev . Good to get a heads up on the situation that it might not work the same even if it looks the same.

As the sunricher / Namron are available for purchase in Europe I think I would prefere to buy those rather than ordering something from China. But at the same time it seems they are untried products with Hubitat.

Of course, please find the links below.

It is interesting that it does not seem to be on the sunricher homepage?

The Namron version seems to be the same product under another name, or at least a similar one. It looks like there are two versons, one for Zigbee and one for Z-Wave. Unfortunately the pages does not seem to be available in English, only norwegian.

Any thoughts and Ideas?

How many thermostats will you need?

If just one - I would go with the Namron (no matter if it is double the price of the Tuya thermostats). I suppose, if you purchase it from the local Norwegian site you can return it if the basic controls do not work using the HE inbuilt Generic Zigbee thermostat?

Ask them if the thermostats are known to work with Samsung SmartThings - then this means 95% sure they will be working with Hubitat as well.

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Namron has complete and detailed technical documentation - go for them!

These guys have even published firmware OTA update files!

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Thanks. Done. I need two but ordered the one to try and se if it works.

Thanks for your help!


Which model exactly did you order?

I ordered the one with article number 4512737N, the Namron Zigbee Touch Termostat 16A (Vit)

How did it go with the namron thermostat? Did it work with Hunitat?

The issue I have is that the US and Canadian Thermostats that seems to work with Hubitat are not sold in the EU, and the ones sold in the EU are not tested by Hubitat, as far as I could see. I contacted Sinope to se if they would sell me one anyway but they wouldn't. Due to one of my existing floor temperature sensors being cemented into the floor, I also need a thermostat that have the option to handle the resistance of different sensors.

The thermostats connect with Hubitat without problem, but I have not yet found a driver that works with the device. I am unfortunately not on the technical level that I can create my own driver or know how to go about to test the properties needed for such a driver. @kkossev was impressed by the documentation so there might still be a chance that someone may find the time to investigate further. Krassimir kindly offered to help if I could send him a device, but unfortunately I was not in a position to do so.

So no Cigarr but the jury is still out? If you find an alternative or if you have the possibility to persue the matter further, please let me know.

(Apart from the conenction to Hubitat issue the thermostats work great)