[Europe]Smart plug real time energy consumption


I am looking for smart plug and multi-plugs that would allow me to track energy consumption by devices in my home.
Any recommendation please ? Knowing I am located in Europe (Sweden).

I saw something called Deltaco but not really sure.

Thank you.

I use a Heiman plug (EU version) with the built-in Generic Zigbee Outlet driver.

Both On/Off, and metering works well, stable, and acts as a repeater even with quite a few Aqara devices in the mesh.

Power consumption (in most cases) is something that's quite useless without time-series data. I use InfluxDB + Grafana to create charts like this (the yellow line is the Heiman meter, de other two are Aqara wall switches):

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I will follow your advice thank you !
How did you extract the data ? Picture is from an app running on your pc ?

Check this thread, it's quite useful.

The idea is that an app monitors device/events and sends the value of specific attributes ("power" in our case) to an InfluxDB server. So you'll have a database of time-series data, and you can set up a web-based Grafana server to create amazing visualizations (eye candy) about virtually anything in your system.

I host both InfluxDB and Grafana server on my NAS (Odroid HC2 with openmediavault).

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I tried with continuous power metering in my Innr SP 120 driver but the hub couldn’t handle the traffic and slowly degraded during the course of 24 hours to a complete halt so I need to implement some minimum thresholds when I have the time. But otherwise it’s a great plug both in size and building your Zigbee mesh.

// Fellow Swede

I have planned to have multiple plug power metering ON at the same time. Do you think the hub will not support it ?

It depends on the threshold and the resolution of the plug i.e. how many watts should differ for it to register as a change and how sensitive it is.

When I did my tests I connected a laptop charger to a plug which fluctuated 0.5w every second while charging, this together with 3 more plugs with different stuff connected (TV etc) bombarded to hub with several events every second which lead it slow down over the course of 24 hours.

The way you need to do it is to set a threshold either in percent or an absolute relative value for the hub to register a change in watt. If you are measuring a TV and are trying to figure out if it's on or off this shouldn't be a problem, I just wanted to know how much of a load the hub could handle before things got bad :slightly_smiling_face:

You can set the "resolution" of the meter with the built-in driver.

e.g. If you set it to 5W, then the plug's next report will arrive when the actual consumption differs from the last reported value by at least 5 Watts. This way it can be assumed that your power consumption didn't change that much between two reports - and you can define the value of "that much" for yourself. Plus, you can reduce the load on both the hub and the Zigbee mesh.

thanks for the info. Waiting for my plug to arrive now..

Did you have to order from AliExpress also please ? I don t find any seller from Europe.

Yeah, I ordered mine from AliExpress... At first it was just for fun, but it worked quite well, so I decided to keep it.

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I ll try then. And use it with Influx DB /grafana if he can manage. Otherwise i will have to find a simpler solution.
I saw one (Shelly) but it is wifi so not really what i want.

@jmarcim it is not BR socket but does what we want... The EU connection can be used in a old BR wall socket.
I already ordered one to test. Did you find another zigbee socket? With power measurement?

@dpea How are you doing ?
Great, I'm also ordering one.
No, I haven't found any. I'll let you know if I do.
Thanks for letting me know.

Hi, just to tell you that my Heiman has arrived and it is up running in a very good way. I also got a Xiaomi plug, but it was hard to find a BR adapter... but it is also doing good.
My next step is to try a Moes and Positivo with Tasmota to work locally, then this point is solved internally.