Eufy Doorbell integration using Alexa Routines

Good news! With the latest update to the Alexa Skill you can integrate an Alexa Routine button press into Hubitat. This is at least some type of integration and it works flawlessly.

Hubitat Setup

  • Create a virtual switch named Doorbell Ring
  • Enable auto off and set to 1 second
  • Expose the switch through the Alexa Echo Skill App

Alexa Setup

  • Install Eufy Security Skill
  • Navigate to Devices->Cameras->Your Eufy Doorbell
  • Enable "Doorbell Press Announcements"
  • Set Announcement Devices (you need at least 1, so I chose a FireTV device)
  • Navigate back and then navigate to Routines
  • Click "+" to create a new routine
  • Name your routine "Door Bell Rings"
  • "When this happens" select Smarthome->Your Eufy Doorbell then click Save
  • "Add Action" select Smarthome->All Devices->Your Hubitat Virtual Switch

Now you can do actions based on your Eufy Doorbell when the button is pressed.

Happy integrating!


This almost exactly how I have my Ring Doorbell 2 integrated with Hubitat. It has worked flawlessly for 2+ years. Glad to see Eufy has improved their Alexa Skill. I tried a Eufy doorbell a few months ago, but found the integration options lacking, and thus I returned it. Turns out my Ring Doorbell 2 issue was that I just needed a new battery. Next time it fails, I'll look long and hard at Eufy again.

Thanks for the update!


I thought about doing this for my ring doorbell, but decided to install HA instead :joy:

How do you enjoy the Eufy? I plan on getting the battery version later this year (to line up with the end of my ring subscription)

I have the wired doorbell. I really like the AI and the device. I had a Ring Pro and the audio was horrible talking to someone. Eufy is quite clear and loud. Easy setup too.


Question for those of you using Efuy Doorbell or camera. Has there been updates to the skill to add the same for motion as well? Looking to add some outdoor cameras and doorbell and that is something I really want to do.

sad to say, the only way I was able to get this to work was with IFTTT or Tasker that would pick up the notification on the phone. Not elegant in any way. :frowning: cause if the phone is off or has no service then it will not work. But you can always have a phone that sits in the house and does that. That is actualy one of my plans .


Not sure your issues but this worked/works flawlessly.

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Still very new here(taking my sweet time to integrate the hardware), so this may be obvious...

I am currently amazon echo and google home free at my house, and I intend to stay that way. I am seriously considering the Eufy doorbell camera because of it's local free storage, Without any amazon hardware, can I still use the above sub-routines on a local non-cloud network to get notifications through my Hubitat hub?

To use Alexa Routines, I do not believe a physical Amazon Echo device is required whatsoever.

You can download and install the Amazon Alexa mobile phone app, and log in with your credentials. You can then enable the Hubitat Skill from within the Alexa App on your phone, which will prompt you to log into your Hubitat account, which will then link both systems together.

You can try it now, before buying the Eufy doorbell, to verify Alexa Routines work.

Thanks for the post ogiewon. I figure that means the info is going through Amazon servers for a loop, but I guess I can live with them knowing if someone is at my door.

Correct. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are pretty much completely cloud-based. Also, I have not heard of any local integrations for the Eufy doorbell, except possibly using Apple HomeKit. Apple HomeKit runs locally, typically.

I managed to get the new Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell to stream to my living room TV via Google Home, Assistant, Chromecast, and Mini speaker. There is a slight delay before video comes up but other than that no complaints.

Would like to automate this, but my addled brain isn't kicking in with a solution. I am wondering if I can leverage notifications somehow?

Example: On notice received, send command to Harmony to watch doorbell.

Anyone got any ideas?


Just noticed that it stops streaming after a few minutes. I had to repeat command to refresh.

I have been working on getting the Eufy door/window sensors working using Alexa.

Working with Eufy a bug was identified that they said would be fixed in Feb 2021.

Until eufy fix their end this won’t work, but hopeful it will be working soon.

Any new feedback as to whether the motion is in the alexa skill for Eufy doorbell ?
I just bought a ring doorbell, found that really need returning and want to buy Eufy...hoping the skills are similar

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On my mobile so I don't have links. But folks have found ways to pull doorbell data from eufy api

I just got a eufy doorbell and set it up this way, for some reason my routine won’t fire with a doorbell press. I can manual activate it and it seems to activate my virtual switch and that all works but for some reason the actual doorbell being pressed isnt activating the routine. Anyone else have similar issues?

i noticed this a few weeks ago. i have it synced with Alexa, then in Alexa routines i'm turning on a virtual switch to trigger a HE rule. i just resynced my account though, so hopefully it'll fix it

Let me know how you go. I tried to re link the account but doesn’t seem to help

Seems to be an issue with eufy and alexa, they need to sort it out