EU Smart lock


Hi Guys, this will be a question more for EU/UK guys in the community.

I'm looking to get my first smart lock and I'm asking your feedback and wisdom.

As you know we in this side of the pond on the UK and most of EU use a EU cylinder in our doors instead of deadbolt. In the top of that most modern doors are mortiser doors what means that the latch from the outside only opens with the key.

So we don't have many options available that I know off.

In the top of that as I live in a rented place changes I can do to the door are minimal.

The.current locks I'm aware off are:

  • Danalock V3 (requires to remove existing cylinder and replace with Danalock cylinder).
  • Sesame Lock ( Can be used over existent cylinder as far it has emergency function)
  • Yale Entry (there are other manufacturers that use the Model Entry like TESA/Abloy. It requires replacing the cylinder with the new lock cylinder).
  • Nuki (similar in function to Sesame but seems with better Built).

Do you guys know other models? What you know of the ones I listed? Are there anyone using them with HE!

Thanks all


This I can tell you will not work with HE or ST.

Danalock's are bluetooth and can also use a BT to wire hub for internet access... exactly how Kevo works. So you can mark that off your list.


The Yale conexis works with ST but won't currently pair with HE. That lock is a direct replacement for the handles and cylinder found in most UK uPVC and composite doors though. Very easy to fit.


I was looking for the same (I'm in Italy) and I was aware of just Danalock and Yale, I'll have a look at Sesame and Nuki.

Seems interesting also the latest Xiaomi one, but requires the replacement of entire door handle):

Danalock V3 exists in 4 versions, including Bluetooth\Homekit\Zigbee\Z-Wave

EDIT: Sesame Lock seems to be Wi-Fi only, no Zigbee or Z-Wave, while Nuki Zigbee is "coming soon"


I've found this VisionSecurity with EU cylinder that is Z-Wave:


Seems very well designed but not an option for me as I live on a rental and things I can't do


Not an option than:/


Not usable as well/similar to Xiaomi


Yale Conexis requires the replacement of all handle too, have you found any other Yale product that requires just the cylinder?


The version I dos Mention ENTR you only replace the cylinder.

Same lock is available from Tesa/Abloy, Yale and Multi-T-Lock. In Theory you could potential adapt any EU Cylinder with Emergency function to it.


Are you sure that it's zigbee/Z-Wave?
I haven't found anything about it..


It's confusing indeed.

Indeed it seems that its BLE 4.0 only but you can get the bridge that will pair with the lock and supports Wifi + zigbee.

Strangely it also appears on the zwave alliance locks. But there is no mention of such radio on all spec sheets I saw.


You could take a look a Somfy. The bought what was Okidokeys and the European version was specifically designed to retrofit a mortise lock without replacing the entire lock. I believe Somfy did finally come out with the bridge to connect the Bluetooth to WiFi, but I’m no longer following their progress so don’t know about other radio options if they exist with them.

CES is just over a week away, so there’s always a possibility of new locks for Europe. Having been left with a $200, now useless North American lock from Okidokeys, I’m not fond of investment in startup lock manufacturers personally. Yale is owned by Assa Abloy so that’s a sound choice in my opinion.

Best of luck finding the choice that’s right for you. Hope you find something that can be made to work with Hubitat. It’s really quite nice to have fully integrated locks, rather than dealing with cloud connections.


I have Danalock V3 working with my Smartthings hub.
However, I couldn't connect it to my HE hub.
what is the correct path to follow ?
(I have the groovy code from ST )


Have a look to

It seems compatible with eu lock. It is zigbee. No driver in HE yet


I've already seen it, but looking at YouTube videos seems that unfortunately you cannot lock/unlock it from the Gateway (Xiaomi or Hubitat doesn't matter) but it just identify keys and authorize a key or decline another.


That is true... I just realized it now . What a pity!


Which version do you have?
Does ST work with or without bridge for danalock?