Errors when editing a rule

Last night I edited a rule and today I went back to edit it again but I get errors. Do I need to delete and re-make? Why?


Error when editing the actions:

Error in logs:

It looks like when you were editing you didn't finish out and press "done" at the end to get back to the rule list. Did you hit your back button or some other link on he page?

can't remember, would have thought they'd check that and warn?

Do you mean something like this:

It appears on every rule page. :slight_smile:


From: Ways to break the Rule Machine UI

Both back button and « App List remove control from the app. It never knows what hit it.

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Also using a browser that isn't support can also cause grief with RM. Brave is one of them.

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yeah, i guess, oh well, i get that this is all beta and for tinkerers - I'll learn :slight_smile: