Errors on Aeotec Siren 6 with

looks like 151 shows some new errors:

When trying to stop the sound on my Aeotec Siren 6:

.. and when changing the volume:

Please show the rule.

Also, not seeing a "Stop Sound" on an Aeotec Siren device. So are you using a custom driver?

Ends up the devices don't work at all any more, it's not just a RM problem. from the device page, just clicking on "beep" or "Play Sound" gives the error too. Probably related to the S2 supervisionCheck changes in 150.

Not using a custom driver. Stop sound is found by Control Music Player, Volume, Sounds -> Sound Chime -> (select chime device) -> Stop sound

Or just on the device page "Stop"

Yeah, I'm not getting an error from that. We need to sort out the device issue.

Problem found.. Fix coming


BTW, the first error you posted above IS a Rule 5.0 bug, identified and fixed. Fix coming.


Is the new hot fix going to be out today? I'm Going out of town tomorrow have to decide if I need to rollback or wait for the fix for my sirens

Should be today...


There still appears to be some strange behavior in the Siren 6 New driver even after the latest update. For example, the tamper state never goes back to clear after it is detected. No apparent errors in the log but it doesn’t revert.


I've had something like this for weeks.
One of the kids closes the front door too hard and the siren(actually doorbell 6) on the wall next to it gets jolted.
I have the tamper set to silent, but it blinks white for ever until I go in manually to stop it.

I think that may be a firmware fix though, I haven't been adventurous enough to update anything from what it shipped with.

I thought I should chime in here. 🤦

Our Siren 6 has been doing this weird thing where it's almost as if it falls asleep and gets stuck. No response randomly but then if I unplug it and push the button on the back it comes back. Very strange.

Just happened again. Got it responding again and less than 10 minutes later it's out again

I have had 2 of these completely fail on me now.. I won’t be buying another..


Ouch. That's a ridiculous failure rate.


I’m actually using an ecolink 700 series chime/siren now..


Mine is still working but I don't have it doing anything important - will definitely keep an eye out.

My old Aeotec Gen5 siren is still working great. I like that it has custom chimes you can upload. Interestingly the earlier issues where the sounds would sometimes repeat seem to have gone away for the most part.

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Is it available for sale anywhere yet?

Not sure..

Yeah didn't see anything out there yet.

This is our 3rd. Where did you get that Ecolink from?