Error message in Mobile App

Anybody seen this error message on iOS mobile app when selecting "Notifications" from Tools menu?

"Error DeviceID [mobile-app-deviceid] not registered to email address [my-email-address]"

I was poking around the app because I noticed my presence suddenly stopped updating for reasons that continue to baffle. If I move the geofence pin so that I'm IN then OUT of the geofence, the debug log shows the correct changes in location, but nothing is reflected on the presence device on the hub.

One theory: I created the virtual mobile app device on the hub first and then logged onto the mobile app, selecting that device. In the past, I've let the mobile app automatically create the device. Could this be the problem?

Edit: Send Geo Event doesn't help.

I can't remember the exact error, but I remember seeing something unexpected a while back when I got a new phone and restored a backup from my old phone. I also seem to have bad luck with the "use existing device" option, and my solution has been to log out of the app, log back in, choose my hub (you'll only see that if you have multiple hubs), and then choose to create a new device. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the app in the past (on iOS, this is an easy way to erase all app settings, including logging you out; I assume Android is similar), but I can't remember if that helped or was just one step I tried. Just some ideas if you haven't tried. :slight_smile:

Also, because I've had to do this a couple times (and already use the app on multiple devices to start with), I wrote a "proxy" notification driver/app that I use to make swapping real devices easier. Check it out here if you're interested: Global Notification Device Variable? - #4 by bertabcd1234

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