Error loading OpenWeatherMap-Alerts-Weather driver

I copied the groovy file from the Github site but when I attempt to load it in my HE7, I receive the error:

Metadata Error:Please check if you inadvertently pasted driver code into apps code window on line 120

Anyone know how to resolve this error?

The clue is in the error reported. :wink:

Looks like you are copying in the code for a driver into a new app window.
Pick 'Drivers Code' under advanced setting NOT 'Apps code'.

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Wiping the egg from my face :)... ok I successfully loaded the driver into my HE7. But when I go into the device, I don't see all of the data. Any idea why I'm only seeing a limited amount of the data?

I think we've all been there with that one. :blush:
May I ask what driver you are using?
The driver I'm using is as below.

I picked the only OpenWeatherMap driver listed...

try picking the one that you have just loaded.
It will be under 'user'.
If you type 'open' into the driver dropdown box, I get this.

The driver I am using is the one that is greyed out.

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Ok... learned something new... I "assumed" ALL of the drivers were listed alphabetically. Until now was not aware they were listed by group first. MUCH Thanks!


No problem.

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You will find the driver currently errors out..., making the weather device useless. There appears to be a certificate issue with the web site ab-ending the API calls. The developer of this driver is aware of it, but can do little at the time to fix it. As per, the easy fix is the web site certificate getting updated, the difficult, long fix is a rewrite of the driver. To be precise, it is the api used by the driver to get sunset and sunrise times that is broken.

Mine appears to be working OK.
Just looked at the events for the device and it is updating OK.
I'm in the UK. Could it be region specific for the certificate issue?

Unless I'm missing what you are getting at of course. (That wouldn't be unusual). :wink:

From the developer...

Maybe they've published a new certificate then. :man_shrugging: