Error i app

I have some errors in the logs. The error is from app:4, app:10 and app:40.
How do I find out what app:4, app:10 and app:40 is?


To the left you will see the app number is blue.
Click on it then look to the top.
You will see that whatever has generated the error will be highlighted.
This is the app that has thrown the error.

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Click the "Error" (on the actual word) and a new page will open and you'll be taken to the app.

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Tanks, that was handy :slight_smile:
What does this mean:
org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Column "name" not found [42122-197] on line 123 (getDevices)

Thats a DB issue, I'd contact on that one I'm afraid.

I had the same yesterday and supports advise was as below.
Before you follow it though, make sure support agree first.
If you do do it, after you have loaded your database and your hub is back online, wait a couple of minutes for things to settle down and then do a reboot. Then check to make sure your location is correct. Mine was not when the hub came back.

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