SQL Error

Hi Folks.
Just spotted this in my logs.
My theory, I know nothing about databases apart from what I've gleaned on here, is the error is something to do with my hubs database.
I'm thinking of doing a soft reset and restoring the database.
Before I do this I'm wondering if somebody could advise me of the best course of action before I jump in.

You may want to first reach out to support@hubitat.com. @bobbyD may want to look at your hub before you attempt to soft-reset it.


Hi @bobbyD
I've just raised a ticket into support for tracking purposes.
case number: 14641

Just for info in case anyone else stumbles across this thread.
Support advised that it for this type of error a soft reset is the first thing to try.
If anyone out there has not done this, it took a max of 5 minutes and the hub is back up fully functional. What a great option to have. :+1:
I will monitor to see if this has cured the issue.
Thanks for the prompt response @bobbyD

EDIT: I seem to be stuck in a loop. Looking at the menus I see an option for 'Hub Registration'.
If I click on it a new window opens with Register Your Hub to link the hub with my account.
It then goes back to the main menu but the Register Your Hub option is still there.
If I go to the portal I can see my hub registered to my account.
Not sure what to do now!!!
EDIT 2: A reboot has cured this. Phew.

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I've had this error for weeks, and a soft reset does not fix it.

Did you include a DB save before, then a DB restore after?

The DB save doesn't just copy out the DB, it exports it. Copy would be like a binary image of.. export sort of does a SQL query: "DB, how are you built?" and gets an answer of exactly how it's built. The DB restore then starts with an empty DB and injects the commands to build the DB from scratch.

It's a poor explanation, :frowning: The critical element is that the DB can't "export corruption" and therefore the DB restore is corruption free.