Error creating button controller actions

With the latest firmware when I create a new button controller, and try and add a button action I get an Unexpected Error and the log states:

[app:1344]( 06:39:31.304 pm [error]( App type not found for namespace: hubitat and name: Button Rule-5.1 on line 144 (method mainPage)

Any ideas what is wrong?

Reboot the hub. There's a bug I'm tracking down. It's a one time occurrence, will not manifest again.

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Says Murphy.


I am still getting some odd behavior with button controller 5-1. I copied actions from one button to another, then edited the actions to be specific to the button within each child instance. However, for some reason, the source child action I copied this from is the only one that works, and it also performs the actions programmed to each of the other child actions.
Any ideas?
Seems like a clipboard bug?



Did you clone or copy with clipboard? -- two entirely different things.

Turn on action logging for the rule that doesn't work, and post those logs here.

I used the clipboard. I need a reminder as to where to find the action log you need. I turned it on for the child instance but cant find the actual log.

Logs page.

dev:8792021-11-29 03:11:24.761 pm infoOffice Scene Controller button 2 doubleTapped

The logs I need are for the app, the Button Rule that doesn't work. Be sure it has Actions logging turned on.

The one you created is for button 3, not 2.

when i double click the source button i get the following. it clearly indicates the source button is performing the actions the other buttons are to be performing

dev:10012021-11-29 03:14:48.147 pm infoOffice speaker is idle

dev:10012021-11-29 03:14:47.029 pm infoOffice speaker is playing

dev:3522021-11-29 03:14:46.028 pm errororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MissingMethodExceptionNoStack: No signature of method: genericZigbeeMotionNoTemp.recoveryEvent() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] (method recoveryEvent)

dev:10012021-11-29 03:14:45.433 pm infoOffice speaker is idle

dev:10012021-11-29 03:14:45.200 pm infoOffice speaker is playing

app:11532021-11-29 03:14:43.933 pm infoAction: END-IF

app:11532021-11-29 03:14:43.930 pm infoAction: END-IF

app:11532021-11-29 03:14:43.927 pm infoAction: Speak on Office speaker(volume: 30): 'Scene 2 (Evening) Off' (skipped)

app:11532021-11-29 03:14:43.923 pm infoAction: ELSE-IF (Office Scene 2 (Evening)(on) is off(F) [FALSE]) THEN (skipping)

app:11532021-11-29 03:14:43.842 pm infoAction: Speak on Office speaker(volume: 30): 'Scene 2 (Evening) On'

app:11532021-11-29 03:14:43.837 pm infoAction: IF (Office Scene 2 (Evening)(on) is on(T) [TRUE]) THEN

app:11532021-11-29 03:14:43.743 pm infoAction: IF (Variable Office Scene Announcements(true) = true(T) [TRUE]) THEN

dev:2192021-11-29 03:14:43.459 pm infoOffice Mickey Projector was turned on

dev:2212021-11-29 03:14:43.412 pm infoOffice Mickey Lamp was turned on

dev:9152021-11-29 03:14:43.369 pm infoOffice Scene 3 (Night) indicator on

dev:10042021-11-29 03:14:43.358 pm infoOffice Scene 4 (Away) indicator on

dev:10022021-11-29 03:14:43.347 pm infoOffice Scene 2 (Evening) was turned on

app:11532021-11-29 03:14:43.314 pm infoAction: Toggle: Office Scene 2 (Evening)

dev:9152021-11-29 03:14:43.312 pm infoOffice Scene 3 (Night) was turned on

dev:10042021-11-29 03:14:43.308 pm infoOffice Scene 4 (Away) was turned on

dev:8792021-11-29 03:14:43.176 pm infoOffice Scene Controller button 3 doubleTapped

Please use screenshot to post logs. Copy paste is too hard to read.

I don't understand what you're talking about. You have to bear with me and use details for my slow brain. Please be specific about what is happening that should not, or what is not happening that should. You have the context, I don't.

Nope. This is my issue. I turned on the logging for button 2. but only button 3 seems to do the actions button 2 is supposed to do. Including logging apparently.

here is button 2 log

But what you showed above says Button 1 is the clone, and button 3 is the original. So I'm totally confused by what you are talking about. Start over.

Sorry about the confusion. I copied button 3 to buttons 1, 2 and 4. I deleted button 1 in an attempt to recreate the function of button 3 but with actions specific for button 1 only. I send button 2 as it is still having the same issue button 1 was having. Button 4 also currently has the same issue. Both were copied from button 3. Button 3 actions are the only ones that work. The end result is, if I double click buttons 2 or 4, nothing happens. But, if i double click button 3, it performs the actions of buttons 2,3 and 4 (When i originally posted, it was performing the actions of buttons 1,2 3 and 4).

here's a current overview

This is way too complicated for me to diagnose this way. Please come up with a simple case with just two buttons to illustrate your problem. I have no idea what you're doing or talking about.

fair enough.
Just refer buttons 2 and 3 doubletapped.
Button 2 doubletapped actions were copied via the built in clipboard, from button 3 doubletapped.
I then went into button 2 doubletapped, and changed the references (from scene 3 to scene 2).
Now, button 2 doubletapped performs no actions at all.
However, button 3 doubletapped, performs both scene 2 and scene 3 actions. Right down to the speech command. (Google home speaker says "scene 3 (Night) on" then "scene 2 (Evening) on" and scenes 3 then 2 turn on)

Please show the App Status page for Button 2 -- screenshot. I need to see the Settings, and the top part of the Application State section. Please show a screenshot of Button 3 rule after opening the rule.

i cant get the whole thing in one shot. So here's 3.

and button 3 rule