Error 500 when force-removing schlage lock

I'm consistently getting error 500 when I try to force-remove a Schlage be469nx lock.

I already excluded the lock through Hubitat, but not via 'delete' of the device itself. I put controller into z-wave exclusion state via z-wave settings.

Now I'm trying to remove the device, so I press 'Delete', it puts controller into exclusion mode, then after a while, it gives me an option to force-delete the device. When I press that 'Force-delete' button, I'm getting error 500 (with no details).

Is this a known issue, and is there a workaround?


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I had the same issue with a button.
Try changing the device type to a virtual switch and saving it. Then try to delete it.

No that is not a known issue. Did you change the device network id of this device? You are not supposed to change that value for zwave and zigbee devices, it is assigned by the system and is very specific to the device.

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Thanks, @keithcroshaw, that did not help (
@chuck.schwer, yes, I think that's what I did, thanks!
Is there a way out of this situation then? :slight_smile:

Also, maybe it's a good idea to forbid doing this from the UI?

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I have those discussions with developers at work constantly... Do not set landmines for the operators.

By that I mean exactly what you said - if you shouldn't change that, then don't let end users change it (by default).

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Its a balancing act, it can be changed if you know what you are doing, but should not be changed if you don't. We are discussing adding a warning for these cases


Change the dni back to a 2 digit hexadecimal.


Thanks! Changed to a random int value, and was able to remove the device!

I would like to thank you for posting this as I was going to pull my hair out! Changed the DNI to a 2 digit and viola! Thank You!

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Thank you. Thank you.
I spent the weekend searching for this solution and of course it wasn't until I sent an email to support that I stumbled on this. Never the less, thank you.