Entry warning beep

I created a rule with RM to beep when armed away or armed home and a door or window is opened. Question, how do i repeat the rule until the alarm is disarmed? Example?

I think this should work. Use the repeat action.


I set this up ages ago and had forgotten all about it. I was using two rules but I see JBrown's suggestion is a much simpler approach, changing mine now.

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I am able to get a single beep but the rule is not repeating. Here's what I've got so far:

Move the first action On:Buzzer to after the repeat while expression, that should fix it.

If you have an Iris/Centralite/Xfinity keypad, you can use the Nyckelharpa app.

I use Nyckelharpa with an Android tablet and it is excellent but I can only get it to chime once when delayed entry begins, rather than repeating every few seconds for the duration of delayed entry.

Try this.

I am getting the desired trigger result but I can not stop the repeat. See attached. The beep should stop when All Disarmed.

I forgot "Stopable". Working correctly now.

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