Enhancement Request - Dashboard features

How do we go about requesting enhancements?

Here is a list of things that would be awesome to have:

  1. Resize text on attribute template.
    This is an example of an image template with an attribute template overlaid. I'd like to resize the attribute text so it fits within the window image I have.


  1. remove the top value on all of the tiles.
    I don't understand what the purpose of knowing it is a contact sensor provides.

  2. Swap image tiles based on attribute values.

  3. A way to arm or disarm HSM

Any chance of getting these features?

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Appreciate the feature requests. I'll add them to the list.

  1. Is one that removing it means those that want it will be upset. So it will have to be a toggle somewhere down the road.

  2. Good idea.

  3. This will be in an upcoming release soon.


Thoughts about being able to change the colors of individual tiles instead of templates for entire categories?

Iā€™d like to be able to delineate different rooms based on color within the same dashboard.


Appreciate the idea. Noted as a feature request. Thanks! Can't say if or when it will be added, but we are actively gathering all the features we want to see in dashboard for future updates.

Patrick, encourage the team to contemplate a different grid layout system. Something with a masonry layout that would allow a flexible "Fit to window" grid with only an order required vs row x col.

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I see this thread as containing feature requests for dashboards. So here are mine. I'm finally getting around to building some useful dashboards. I love the attribute option and button option, but can you add an additional text label field for those of us who don't / can't make pictures? To clarify; if I make a tile for a button controller and have it execute button press '1'. It displays as 'button 1', I'd like an alt label where I can enter what 'button 1' does. Thank you.


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Does this bug anyone else?

When adding a new tile, the grid is laid out top to bottom... i.e 1/1 is the top left, and let's say 3/6 is the bottom right... to get there I have to hit the 'up' button which is correct mathematically to change rows, but visually is opposite of 'down' which is visual contradictory. My pea brain might figure it out if they were +/-, but as shown with up/dn arrows. The left right arrows for column 'works' fine IMO.
Not quite a 'feature request', but sorta. might be related to @chrisUthe's post above if I technically understood it!:blush:

I'd rather get rid of the damnable arrows, no offense to the author, and see click and drag implemented. There are several good libraries to easily achieve it.


Better said than me! personally I don't care what it is if it's logical. Pushing an up arrow to go down makes the whisky flow...
Hang on... maybe that's not so bad afterall!!:wink:

I'd like to see a Master Template where any new dashboard or tile will automatically adopt the template. It's really a pain to get all tiles and all dashboards to have the same look. And an option to import that template into existing dashboards.

Import / export already exists in the child dashboard advanced section.

@patrick I think I have found a bug....
Whenever you try to change the template colours (icon) and you select a colour on the picker, as soon you click you are jumped back to the dasboard selection screen.

I have a white background and trying changing the text to black trigger this.

Need a bit more detail and actual steps to reproduce. And is this something that can be reproduced in clean dashboard?

Any errors in the JavaScript console.

Also, is this as a standalone dashboard or one from the web UI dashboards link?

Screenshots help along with what os, browser, and Hubitat version.

  • Creating a new dashboard, will try to replicate tomorrow with screen grab.
  • On Chrome for Android latest build.
  • How can I Access JavaScript console in android?
  • What is a difference between Standalone and WebUi? AFAIK there is only 1 Hubitat Dashboard App. This were the steps:
    • In Hubitat Dashboard App created a new Dasboard with a 3/4 Grid and a Background image.
    • in Dashboards selected the new Dashboard
    • After the New Dasboard I added a tile HSM Status/HSM
    • Than on the Dashboard top Right clicked the 3 dots and select template colours
    • Here I Select first HSM and than Disarmed for Example.
    • Than here you have 2 Boxes for colour (error happens in both) when you click on the field, a colour picker appears.
    • as soon you select a colour and drag the intensity bar down as soon it reaches the bottom or you release the selection your back on the Dashboard selection screen.

Edit: Screen grab video.

(Expires in 24h: Jan 15, 2019)

This is the first of 6 Dashboards...

Be Gentle this is my first attempt :joy::rofl:

Tweaking it so far this are my recommendations for improvements...

What you see is tiles over tiles... it's clunky :confused:

  • remove the 3 dots on the top right of a tile with an image attribute or implement the image attribute as a background image to each tile.
  • Allow for Text costumization at tile level as the contents vary according to attribute
  • Allow the option besides centered Justify/Float Left/Float Right for Text.
  • Allow images to be aligned to left or right besides just being centered. This allows for background images with Icons.

So this is an Android / chrome issue. You can see the pull to refresh kicking in at the top.

I'm sure there is a way to prevent it.

Curious if you go to the direct link in the dashboards app and click the local link for your dashboard does it work the same way?

This is how dashboards we're originally developed to run standalone, outside of the administration interface.

Well it does not refresh go back.
But it does not even allow to pick a colour. It allows to choose but when you click it should save it and go back and ends up doing nothing.

I potentially agree.. but Nowadays we do 80% plus of our online activity on mobiles not on pcs. In fact I rarely use my pc nowadays.

@patrick the most bizarre thing just happened I just updated to latest hot fix and most of my images on the dasboard are not loadinh, they are all valid and from the same website.

I had to reboot the hub for them to show up again. Just fyi

Edit: Reboot didn't solve the problems the images are not loading. Tried from 3 different devices e browsers.

It appears that after a new reboot they are now visible again...


I think I did not make my request clear. I would like to be able to change the default template (for instance, white icon, black background) and be able to make it global for all new dashboards. as well as being able to export that template to existing dashboards.

Would love to see a nicer looking dashboard too but for the sake of making it easier for others to help, is it possible to just expose CSS as an advanced feature? This way we can hide what we dont want, change sizes/colors/fonts of things etc... then people can share the CSS for those who don't know how to write it themselves.
For instance, I'd love to make the tiles have rounded corners, but i understand that as a feature, that's super-low on the priority list.. given access to CSS, i can do that in about a minute. (Currently looking at Maker API to make my own dashboard cause i find the included one so lacking, unfortunately).

what do you think?