Hue and RGBW color control from Dashboard tile


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First post, hope I found the right spot. I'm in middle of migrating from ST, all going well but I just hit a potential deal killer on Dashboards related Hue bulbs and Fibaro RGBW controllers (connected to RGBW strips). I can instal the Devices on Hubitat and instal the appropriate type/handler, I can set up a Bulb tile on Dashboard, but I can only adjust the brightness not the colour of the bulbs and LED strip. I have the Hue app as a workaround for the Hue stuff, but I have no way to manually change the colour on the Fibaro kit, which makes migrating from ST more challenging than I was anticipating.

I've been looking through the community posts for info on this topic and found a thread from May18 suggesting it was on the Dashboard Roadmap, but I can't find anything more recent. I'd appreciate some help to understand if this is still a "to do" if so, is there any time expectation? Maybe its already fixed and I'm just doing something wrong, in which case I'd appreciate some help fixing things at my end:smile:


Hubitat has already said they are actively working on Dashboard v2.. and they said it would cover all of the feature requests we've been making.. a big claim, but I'm inclined to believe. I am certainly one that is betting RGBW would be in that list.

Like all good developers though, the first 90% takes 100% of the time and the remaining 10% also takes 100% of the time. :slight_smile: Which leads to them always telling us "when it's ready" as the answer for WHEN???

Smart, but frustrating. :smiley:


Thanks csteele for quick reply. I now know that I wasn't doing something daft which is good!. Migration may take a bit longer, but such is life :smiley:


Changing color bulbs is in dashboard 2. No ETA but things are moving along nicely.


Feel free to post some screenshots sometime. :wink:


Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I can't find how to do this on a tile


You have to add a Color Bulb tile to the dashboard for your RGBW or RGB device. That will give you the color picker and CT and level sliders. However, there is currently a bug in the dashboard. If you try to close the tile it will turn the bulb back on and set to the previous set color. So, you have to back out of the dashboard using the back or home button rather than the X on the tile. But the template is the Color Bulb template.


Ah I was looking for a color picker on the tile itself. Not a tile to open, is that doable? I could dim and turn on/off but couldn't find RGB


No, it is not. The only option is the color bulb tile.


I am having the same issue as Ryan780...when i turn the bulb off on my rgb hue bulbs, and close the tile, the bulb turns back on. I have to back out as well. This only started happening after I went to the version a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?


#11 fix yet. Support is working on it supposedly though.