EnergyCurb integration

Would it be possible to integrate with energycurb for power monitoring ?

the code runs in the cloud and there is a direct integration with ST (Cloud to Cloud)


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@mike.maxwell following up from your comment in August (via Sense Energy Monitor) to check-in if this went anywhere.

I'm currently in early-stages of selection for a solution

The lead Curb developer for this integration left the company, we were in alpha testing when this happened. There has been no movement since then.

That's not a good sign.

Indeed. I pinged them on Contact - Curb - perhaps if there's enough of us to make some noise they might reconsider.

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Sense would be so much better of an official integration. Over time, it’s equally as capable, but without limits to the number of devices it can track, much easier to install, less expensive, and has much better financial backing to ensure a healthy future.

Hi all - I am an employee at Curb and was working with Mike on the integration. As @mike.maxwell mentioned, we were very much in the alpha phase of our integration and unfortunately our developer leading the charge had another opportunity. This does not mean we didn't want to continue, and we always are open to finding solutions that strengthen our product offering.

We did switch our business strategy from B2C to B2B, which is a different than the Sense package. Depending on what your application is, the two products can serve different markets with their features and functions. I am happy to explain any of this in more detail.

@dannyzen I saw your ticket come through support, and you should be receiving a response shortly.

I am impressed with your response! Thank you! :grin:

If you wouldn't mind explaining more here openly, it would certainly help our community have a deeper understanding to educate their purchase choice.


As of a couple years ago, Curb has taken our product off of Amazon and started shipping directly to businesses. As a result, many of our features and functionalities are developed with our partners success in mind. For example, better ways support their customers, have their branding upfront, increase repeating sales, etc.

When comparing directly to Sense, we are fairly similar products, but Curb has more CTs (as we do not disaggregate with software). This increases install time, however with Sense you are still installing two CTs for the main wires, so the installs start the same with Curb having a few more CTs to clamp. Our data is reading in realtime from the moment of install to allow for some immediate integration capabilities. The product that you purchase from Curb is ready to go with any home as we have capability to measure consumption, production, and batteries without any additional purchases, which results in almost the same price if you have solar. We also use Power Line Communication, which we have found more reliable in various home layouts than wifi. You can also install multiple Curb devices in one home, to measure every load. At Curb, we are focused on the larger appliances in the home (which are on dedicated breakers to start, therefore we do not need software disaggregation) to make an energy impact. With our data collection, we can move down paths of control, SmartHome integration, and energy analysis for example. Sense is a good product for end customers to plug and play, and Curb aligns with businesses for opportunities for development and partner success.

+1 for curb. Love their product. original backer..

Had 2 units, eventually found that i could get by with one unit and not monitor some of the low use circuits

Would love to see the integration improved (with both ST and Hubitat) where there you can get get alerts if the power consumption is > x watts on any monitored element (good to track if washer is done or something is left on for a long time..)
this is a missing feature..

Hello... I am a current CURB user (since 2019), and with the discontinuation of Samsung groovy and the changes implemented by CURB, I no longer have access to the real-time meter data in an environment where I can use the data to automate my home. Each circuit is assigned as a Device and provides real time usage data I can use in triggers, or conditional rules.

Yes, the CURB app still works, and I can visually see the output, that does no good when trying to automate.

Can you or maybe someone else, comment on the outlook for CURB to become usable in HE, SmartThings or something else in the future?

I am new to HE (the hub is in the mail), but I've been using SmartThings and webCore since 2019.

Several years ago we had a local curb integration under development in partnership with curb, I was using it at my previous home.
The engineer that we were working with left the company and the development effort was never resumed on their end.
I would reach out to Curb and see if they are interested in working with us to get that integration going again.

I believe I've read something like you mention. Too bad. I have (had) CURB devices really dialed into my automation... which is now dead! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I have a few tickets into the CURB support but they are really slow (we are talking a week+ with no reply), or the typical "please included these other details while we research" email.

If I get into a live or reliable conversation I will ask for them to engage the HE community.

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