Energy monitoring Z-Wave outlets

I use the Fibaro Wall Plug for my microwave.

I use it on my MB fan. It is a floor fan so not a lot of current. Been using it for years and hasn't had a problem. But that is a low load. Inrush current is very low.

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Yeah. I’m looking at the outlets to potentially use with a Microwave with 1660 W instant draw, and a 1500 W dishwasher.

@SmartHomePrimer I am sure you probably have seen this one and cringed at the price. But it is the only one I have seen that can handle that kind of power.

Here is info from Aeotec.

Actually, the Zooz ZEN15 is rated for 1800W

@SmartHomePrimer Yep I have 2 of them. I use them to turn off the power to my garage door opener motors. It is just for when we would go on a trip I can remove power to the motors so the garage cannot be opened at all.

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I use this with my electric dryer for power off notification to Alexa TTS. Pricey, but it works reliably. Custom driver available in Community to monitor power.

Thanks for the reply. I use the HS-LS100+ as a vibration sensor and the HS Flex Sensor for temp. The 2 combined give a very accurate depiction of when the dryer has reached a spot to go fold the clothes before they wrinkle. I just need to get a more modern dryer that has a simple LED that shows on/off then I can use the HS-FS100+ like I use on the washer! :smiley:

I tried a Smart Things multi sensor that does vibration first for the dryer. Couldn't get it to work well because the adjacent washer would activate it. There was no sensitivity threshold adjustment.

This arrived yesterday. So far, so good. Very responsive readings! Working well for repeat Microwave completed reminders. Really appreciate the suggestions.

I have three of these and have had great luck with the first two.

Two weeks ago I ordered a third Zen15 to control a small water pump. The On and Off work great, but it was not reporting power. After removing / factory reset / re-include, it still was not reporting power.

I found another driver to use on the ST forum that only needed a find and replace, and gave that a try. Power reporting still didn't work, but the other driver reported back that my new switch was on firmware 1.4, which is a new firmware that became available 2 months ago. My Zooz zen 15's that are working good are firmware version 1.3 . Zooz sent me what they called a "Pre tested replacement" , which arrived today. Still no energy reporting using the Hubitat driver. Switched to the other driver and verified this replacement is also firmware 1.4 . Not sure what to do now. I think I am going to ask Zooz if they can make firmware 1.3 available to me. They seem to think it is a problem with initialization when joining to Hubitat.

Did any of you have similar issues?

Screenshot from Hubitat driver

Screenshot from ST driver

No issue at all. Joined no problem. All reporting just fine. Sorry I don't know what firmware it had, and I just sent it back. It's great and all, but now that I have changed over my dryer from using one of the CT clamps on my Aeon HEM, I had that second clamp available, so I decided to use it with my Microwave instead of the ZEN15. Was going to use it on my dishwasher, but I then realized that I don't really care when the dishwasher is done. It's so quiet, we can run it anytime we feel like.

If I ever need an energy monitoring outlet though, that will be my go-to for sure.

Thanks for your reply. I figured it out! I have removed and repaired this Zen15 around 20 times with no luck. I didn't have it connected to a device during pairing, just plugged into the wall. This time I connected my coffee maker, so it would have an electrical load before pairing. Paired with the switch on. Its now reporting power!


That’s really odd, but I do recall an issue now that you mention it. I forget exactly what it was, might have been reporting. I know that sounds weird after saying I didn’t have issues, but I’ve been doing some of this on little sleep too.

Anyway, the issue was caused when I secure joined by mistake (3 fast button presses) instead of non-secure join with 4-5 button presses.

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What is your advice as to the best way make these graphs recording power, current, etc.?

I use the InfluxDB Logger:

I unfortunately have ended up with a fork of it, it adds features for measuring latency, maintain stats and a different approach for reducing load on the hubitat:

If you're running a current release I've started developing a logger using the Maker API. I'll be honest, I like it since it's not a User App and can't be blamed for slowing down the hub. But I'm not sure how "light" of a solution this is if you have a device sending events 1/sec:

i have the same problem as you but in my case, even after putting a load on it and pair it, it never reported Current and Power. Contact Zooz, they said that they never saw that and to return the defective unit.
Firmware 1.4
i have 2 Zen 15 with firmware 1.3 that work very well
hubitat Try on my 2 hub
i have try with this driver Sump Pump Monitor
and the built in driver
secure and in-secure
reset to factory default
after a week of testing, i have no other choice than return it and hope that the next one will be FW 1.3

Have you been able to "collect" power consumption over a period of time and have it reported thru HE? I'd like to have HE tell me how much watts were used over a set period of time.

With my Zen15, i can see in the driver

  • current : 0.000
  • currentH : 8.998
  • currentL : 0.000
  • energy : 2.914
  • energyDuration : 90.88 Days
  • power : 0.000
  • powerH : 1478.878
  • powerL : 0.000
  • switch : on
  • voltage : 126.060
  • voltageH : 128.131
  • voltageL : 119.008

no, i didn't try to keep the past but the day i will look at this option i will look at HubiGraphs

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