Energy monitoring Z-Wave outlets

Just doing some initial research into Z-Wave energy monitoring plug-in outlets. I have Xiaomi devices paired to the hub, so Zigbee is out since it wouldn't be compatible.

Looking at non-dimming ON/OFF outlets with energy monitoring. The outlet control is much less important to me than the outlets ability to monitor energy and report to HE so rules can determine the power state of a device plugged into it.

I know of...



Enerwave (not plug-in)

Evalogik (looks like the Inovelli)


Haozee (looks like the Dome)



Zooz Power Switch ZEN15

Of these I'm aware of the Aeotec, Dome, Fibaro, Jasco and Zooz being on the compatible devices list. Are there any I've missed that are worth looking at? Are there any that are not on the compatible devices list, but do work with energy monitoring using a generic driver? What about custom drivers for any of the off-brands or those not on the compatible devices list?

@mike.maxwell, do all of the on/off outlets with energy monitoring on the compatible devices list, also support that capability in HE so they can trigger rules based on energy values?

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Probably not...

Do any of them?

@bptworld Saw your old posts on the Aeotec outlet. So you’re using the Dome for energy monitoring still? Their wattage values are usable in RM as conditions? Your older post talks about using them with webCoRE, so I assume this is now replaced with RM 4 on your hub?

Do you happen to know anything about these Haozee outlets in the list above? They look like the Dome, so I’m wondering if they might be the same device under the hood.

I've had really good success with the Zooz zen15, I use them for monitoring of washer and dryer done, and for charge notification of a battery power device. (both forgetting to charge it, and making sure it's charged enough by night time)

The dryer one is really nice. The dryer takes 10W sitting powered on doing nothing, so I turn it off mostly. Then when there's activity on a laundry room door sensor I turn it on. If someone opens the laundry machine and the light turns on (16W) then I force it on for 2 hours. If the dryer starts (1200W) then I wait for it to turn off (10W) and send an announcement.

The charge monitoring uses energy. When off charge energy is reset to 0kWh, then if I get home and it's not charging I send a notification. If at night it hasn't consumed 600Wh then I know it hasn't charged and send a notification.

I have 3 different energy monitoring plugs, and the Zen15 has so far been the nicest.

Pretty pic:


Aeotec's are still in the basement 'pile of stuff'. Been very happy with the Dome for energy monitoring. You are correct that I don't use webCore anymore but instead I wrote my own little app. :wink: The values are available to RM too but it was just more fun to work out my own solution.

Sorry to say I've never heard of the Haozee brand, so would have no idea.

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Got the Enerwave and the Zooz 15 and both of them work great when it comes to energy monitoring. I use both of them to detect if a TV is on. Yes I know, the Zooz is overkill for that but I had it lying around.


Thanks Bryan! How far you have come from that early post where you wrote that you didn’t know how to code, to now where you are cranking out such useful apps!

I realized afterward that the Dome, which I was looking at for use with our microwave, cannot handle the output which is 1639W. Appreciate the feedback though.

The Haozee as it turns out, are Neo Coolcam Power Plugs. So Same as Dome, with different firmware. No energy readings in HE with the Neo Coolcam devices.

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That’s three :+1:t2: for the Zen15. Ordered one to try. Thanks everyone! It meets the power draw requirements I have too.

That pretty pic was a good selling point too @asj :wink:

The Neo Coolcam certainly does report energy, power, volts, amps etc.

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Oh cool! Thanks for clarifying that point. I saw this post and it sounded like it would not. That's good info. I can get them for $34.29 CAD ($25.77 USD)

Which driver do you use with it to get the power reporting?

The built-in Neo Coolcam Power Plug

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The ZEN06 by Zooz also reports power. It also has power recovery availability.

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Thanks! The color based on power consumption is nice little added feature too.

Welcome. Zooz shows on their website that they have a newer version.

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“Wirelessly control floor lamps & small appliances (do NOT use with transformers, humidifiers, fans, and other motor loads”

Unfortunately this model wouldn’t fit my intended use cases, but it’s good to know what’s available and working for Energy and Power in HE

I use the Fibaro Wall Plug for my microwave.

I use it on my MB fan. It is a floor fan so not a lot of current. Been using it for years and hasn't had a problem. But that is a low load. Inrush current is very low.

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Yeah. I’m looking at the outlets to potentially use with a Microwave with 1660 W instant draw, and a 1500 W dishwasher.