Enbrighten Zwave plus bulb

Has anyone worked on getting the Enbrighten Zwave bulbs working ?

The only way I got mine to work is using the generic Zwave dimmer device.

Yes , but same as you -- generic Zwave dimmer device

Crap -- missing out on the plus features also

What are the “plus features”?

Google Zwave Plus -- biggest difference is that its also a repeater.

The device its working on is just zwave.

I am pretty sure that the Device Driver does not have anything to do with whether or not the device acts as a z-wave repeater. Almost all mains-powered z-wave and z-wave plus device’s act as repeaters.

If you want to use Hubitat’s driver that is designed for z-wave plus devices, try the “Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer”.

Read more about these drivers here


Correct, driver plays no part in repeater functionality, nor does the hub for that matter.

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Good to know

I have only been able to pair three of the 4 Enbrighten bulbs I have. The first one I paired isn't having any issues, but the the other two bulbs that paired won't turn on or off from Hubitat. I have removed them and repaired them several times to no avail. The bulb that is working works whether I use the "generic Zwave dimmer" or the "generic z-wave smart dimmer" driver.

I believe the smart dimmer supports the Zwave plus.

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zwave smart dimmer is for devices that are capable of reporting state changes on their own, zwave dimmer is for devices that don't.

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I stand corrected.......

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